If you’ve unsuccessfully tried other online programs before, you’ll know how frustrating that can be. SAS Affiliate by Jason Calouri and Barry Plaskow is another program that offers you the opportunity to make money through affiliate marketing. I’m currently a member of the SAS Affiliate program and although I’m an affiliate of the program, I’ll be giving my true honest opinion of the program and whether it’s worth the investment to join the program as well as whether it would be a right fit for you. If you’re seriously considering investing in the program, read the entire post below first before you take out your wallet.

SAS Affiliate Program

Affiliate disclosure: Just to be transparent, some of the links on this website are affiliate links. If you make a purchase, we will earn a commission but there will be no additional cost to you whatsoever. This is how we manage to keep creating free content. We never recommend any affiliate link that will not benefit our readers.

What is SAS affiliate?

SAS Affiliate is a beginner’s affiliate training program by Really Successful and Umbrella. It is taught by experts Jason Calouri and Barry Plaskow who have been doing this for many years.

It’s aimed at complete affiliate marketing beginners and teaches you how to get started from scratch all the way to making high ticket commissions on autopilot, which could potentially end up being lucrative so that you achieve financial freedom and time freedom in a much quicker timeframe.

What is affiliate marketing?

Just in case you might not know, affiliate marketing is simply where you earn a commission of a purchased product when you refer that person to the product.

For example, if you promote a product X to people and the company offers an affiliate agreement to pay you a 50% commission, you would earn 50% of the sale for every person you refer to product X.

The affiliate business model is probably one of the easiest and most passive types of business models out there, especially if you’re promoting monthly recurring type of commissions.

With SAS Affiliate, you would find high ticket products (ie, products over $200) to promote and you would earn huge commissions from the traffic you drive, which would all be covered step-by-step in the program.

SAS Affiliate Platinum vs SAS Affiliate

You’ll probably see the terms SAS Affiliate and SAS Affiliate Platinum being thrown around all over the web. The main difference is that SAS Affiliate Platinum offers weekly live training sessions that will give you much more value and will help you overcome obstacles whenever you get stuck directly from expert 8-figure marketers.

The SAS Affiliate Holiday Edition

The SAS Affiliate Holiday Edition is another program that builds upon SAS Affiliate Platinum. 

The main difference is that the course covers more advanced tactics in driving traffic and getting that explosive boost during the holiday season.

About Barry Plaskow and Jason Calouri

Jason Calouri is a digital marketing specialist and has recently been referred to as the “SEO King” due to his ability to rank brand new websites to the 1st page of Google. Through the SAS Affiliate program, Jason will show you how to do this for your own site to drive serious traffic and get them converting so that you keep getting huge commissions. The training you get from Jason can also be applied to any other websites you own so that you can start driving traffic quickly without having to wait endlessly for Google to rank you.

Barry Plaskow is the CEO of Really Successful for nearly a decade and is a prolific webinar creator as well as being responsible for 8 figures in sales. He’s helped tens of thousands of ordinary people become 7 and 8 figure business owners ranging from eComm to local marketing. In the SAS Affiliate program, Barry will help you step-by-step to show you how to set up your affiliate funnels and webinar so that you make sales on autopilot. Barry will also teach you how to run an affiliate marketing business and scale it.

Is SAS Affiliate legit?

You might be wondering whether SAS Affiliate is a scam or legit. 

Here is the honest truth: It is completely 100% legit! 

I can vouch for it, as I am a member of the program and have gone through the training myself.

The program has a much higher success rate than most of the other programs out there (probably why the company is called “Really Successful” I guess). It launched around mid 2020, and already there are hundreds of people making a serious amount of money. You can check out the case studies and testimonials here: http://instagram.com/SASAffiliate

Probably the best time to join the program would be right now!

How the program works

The program has pre-recorded videos that can be consumed in a week, but you would need to take action as you are learning and this can take time, depending on how much you focus and how much experience you have on the technical side as well as the SEO side.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not technical or SEO-savvy. It’s just that complete beginners will need a bit more time for the training to sink in, compared to someone who already has the experience.

Once you’ve applied the training in the pre-recorded videos, you then need to attend all the weekly live training sessions. This will help you step up your game and learn so much useful skills, and more importantly, learn the skills that are working right now in 2021 from experienced 8-figure marketers.

Here is the action that you will need to take if you want to experience success in the program:

  • You will need to build a blog or website. The most preferred is GrooveFunnels which is free for lifetime (sign up here).
  • You will need to find and reach out to vendors that offer affiliate programs. Most importantly, you need to apply for the right affiliate program that pays you well and will continue to pay you well into the future (since you’re building a long term asset, right?). The training will show you how to do this.
  • You need to drive traffic to the page, as that’s the only way you’ll stand to make sales. If you’ve tried Facebook, Google or other paid traffic ads to no success, then no need to worry. I’ve been there too! You’ll only use free traffic methods in the program that is nowhere near as complicated as paid ads. You will need to learn SEO, but it’s not the same kind of SEO that you may have learned before.

If you take the action above, you will experience success. The hardest part of the course is the action-taking part, and you will need to work on your mindset to ensure you keep taking action throughout the course if you want to experience success.

SAS Affiliate Dashboard

What will I get once I join?

As per the program, here is exactly what you would get if you joined:

  • Over the shoulder step-by-step videos.
  • Live full day monster day mastermind training
  • Jason’s High converting website templates.
  • Ongoing weekly training sessions for platinum members.
  • SAS Holiday Explosion Training Included.
  • Access to Really Successful affiliate programs with 40% commissions before anyone else .            
  • Mike Long and Jason Caluori’s “Email Ecom Empire” System
  • Jason’s personal review of your store (inside FB group)
  • Ecom Explosion Training
  • Digi Marketing Explosion Training.
  • Insane insights on Groove to turn your new system into a Ferrari for traffic.
  • 30 days of Jason’s Inner Circle Facebook Group 

Is SAS Affiliate right for you?

Now here comes the part where you decide if SAS Affiliate is right for you or not.

Is SAS Affiliate really worth it?

If you’re looking for an honest answer upfront, then my direct answer is: it depends.

Why you should join

Here are some reasons why I think you should join:

  • You can make a huge amount of affiliate commissions from just this alone, that can potentially replace your day job and buy you more time freedom (which is the most important to me) as well as financial freedom and location freedom.
  • You can build a huge email list so that you can keep making stable, recurring income monthly, so that eventually you don’t need to rely too much on applying the training in the course.
  • You enjoy writing. Your success in the course does depend, somewhat, in your ability to write. You don’t have to be the best writer, but your writing has to be clear, convincing and descriptive enough so that your readers can make an informed decision to buy products that would give you commissions. If writing isn’t your thing, then you can consider hiring a writer.
  • You are patient. We all know get-rich-quick schemes are a complete myth. Your results in the program will come quickly, but it won’t be overnight. You need to be willing to wait it out to see results. Although SAS Affiliate claims it can be done quickly, you do need to be patient if you want to see results.

Why you shouldn’t join

Here are some reasons why you should NOT join the program:

  • If you’re looking for a quick method to earn money. The course teaches you how to build a long term business. You won’t make money straight away. Think of the first few weeks as like building the foundation for a house. You’ll be setting up your business for long term success and during this time, you won’t make anything. You’d need to wait at least a few weeks to see the fruits of your hard-earned labor.
  • You can’t afford the high price tag. To be honest, I’ve joined programs that were 10 times that price and haven’t had as much value as this course. You need to be willing to spend a bit of money initially in order to make a lot of money down the road. There are easier monthly payment plans if you truly can’t afford it.
  • You’re not interested in SEO or writing articles. The course does rely on you writing articles and ranking them via SEO. If the idea of this is too much for you, then the course might not be a great fit. Bear in mind, you can hire a writer to do this for you, if you are keen on making this work.
  • You give up easily. There will be obstacles that you’ll face throughout the course. This is normal as any other business. SAS affiliate will not be for you if you give up at the first obstacle. The important thing is to not remain stagnant when you’re stuck. You’ll need to proactively reach out to support anytime you get stuck. Their support desk are friendly and helpful. You can ask any question you may have and they would respond in a few hours. Any time you face an obstacle, you would need to reach out to them. If you stay quiet every time you face an obstacle, you’ll only end up frustrated and feeling like you’ve been scammed like any other affiliate course. Their popular motto is “No-one left behind”. They want you to keep asking them questions. Keep asking questions until you achieve your desired outcomes from the course.
  • You think you need to be technical. You don’t. At all. Everything is laid in easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

The commissions you would get

When you undertake SAS Affiliate, it would be up to you to find high converting and high ticket affiliate programs.

The one recommended in the course is GrooveFunnels, the website builder. When you promote GrooveFunnels, you would get up to 40% commission for every person that you refer and when that person ends up purchasing. Right now, GrooveFunnels is offering a lifetime deal to access their builder for free forever. They are planning to change to a monthly subscription and you can get recurring monthly commission for that as well once they change over. This can provide much needed stable, recurring income that becomes truly passive and life changing.

If the idea of GrooveFunnels interests you, why not sign up for GrooveFunnels with my link here 🙂

In addition to this, you would get access to all SAS recommended affiliate programs where you actually eliminate all competition and be the first to promote and recommend new products. These affiliate programs get updated frequently.

The resources and bonuses you would get

There are plenty of resources and bonuses you’ll get as part of the program:

  • You’ll get heaps of templates to make your website and landing pages look amazing.
  • You’ll get access to 8-figure mentors and join them on the LIVE weekly training sessions.
  • You’ll get many different swipes for their recommended affiliate programs.
  • The course is regularly updated so that you can always remain up-to-date with any new changes.

Final Verdict

I know I haven’t really said much downsides about the course, but I rarely know anyone who has. I guess for me, it would have been great if there were more examples they used other than how to promote GrooveFunnels and CBD oil. Also the course recommends you purchase Keywords Everywhere and the Ahrefs tool (which costs $99/month). Keywords Everywhere is more affordable, but Ahrefs could be a bit much, especially when starting out. You can still get through the course without Ahrefs but it would been better if they could provide some kind of discount or have some DFY keyword search based on the affiliate product we pick.

Other than those minor issues, there are plenty of golden nuggets in the course, which is more than enough for you to go out there and apply. So that you can start driving real traffic that converts to affiliate sales.

What you really should do if you’re just starting out

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