The year 2022 is quickly approaching and with it comes a lot of changes. Some will be good, but some will not so much. But the one thing that we can all agree on is that there are many legitimate ways to make money online from home.

Especially with the recent pandemic shaking things and causing many people being unemployed, there are more opportunities for people to make money from home than we’ve ever experienced in our history.

With the internet being such a great place, it’s not surprising that many people have discovered ways to monetize their hobbies or skills and turn them into businesses. In fact, in our research we found over 21+ ways you can use the Internet to earn an income online with ease!

legitimate ways to make money online from home

So without further ado let’s get started!

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Paid surveys are definitely one of the easiest and quickest way s o n how much money you can make fast so they should be your first priority . There is no capital investment required here which means anyone who has access to a computer with internet connection can do this.

The most popular one today is Swagbucks.

The first and foremost reason people get into Paid to Click ( PTC ) is because it’s a quick way for you to make money online without any effort . You simply pay the advertiser an amount which allows your ad to be viewed by thousands, if not millions, on their network. Once someone views your ad , those credits are deducted from your account balance and deposited directly into yours .

It sounds too good to be true but the concept is very simple: advertisers will pay you $0.02-$0.30 per view of their ads! What more could you ask for? These types of websites range in of how much they normally pay you for each view and some may require that you have a certain amount of money in your account balance before they will pay out.

You can check out NeoBux for more info.

Social Media

Social media has an effect on everything from politics to how we communicate with our friends, but did you know it’s also one of the best ways to make extra income? Whether you use Facebook , Twitter, Pinterest or even Instagram there are plenty of opportunities both big and small where you can earn money online just by being active on social media!


Although it might require a bit more work than the previous options, freelancing is another great way to make money online . You may not get rich overnight but there are plenty of opportunities where you can earn $1000/month or even more just by using your skills in some capacity. For example, if you’re good with numbers then why not try accounting?

There’s also graphic design and IT support , writing and translation as well as photography that all pay very well! Although it may take time for these types of jobs to come up, they should be number one on your list when looking at ways to monetize your talent.

No matter what industry you’re interested in working in whether it’s finance, health care architecture this could easily become a full-time job.

Even if you don’t have any specific skills to offer as a freelancer, there are always those looking for people who can do simple tasks like data entry or transcription . With these types of jobs all you need is proper training and some know how which shouldn’t be too hard to find online! It also doesn’t hurt that it’s another great way make money from home , so start searching now before the competition gets too tough.

Upwork and Freelancer are the top freelancing platforms where you can look for and be approached by people needing freelance work.

Sell Things You Own

Although this may not seem like an ideal option when trying to generate income online in 2021, many people end up making quite a bit of extra cash by selling things they no longer want or need . Whether it’s your old electronics lying around the house or a few items you picked up at the thrift shop, there are plenty of people out there looking to buy your used junk .

Even if it’s not something that interests you , chances are someone else will be willing to pay for it. So before throwing anything away this year make sure to take inventory and check sites like eBay or Craigslist as well as local Facebook groups or even the Facebook Marketplace where you could potentially sell some things!


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Blogging has been around since 1998 and while many people use blogging as a form of self expression today, others are using it as a way to make money online. So how does blogging work? First, you need to create an account with WordPress and have some sort of webhosting in place. From there, you can either pay for your own domain name or use free services like Blogger.

Once that’s done the only thing left is writing content! Your options are virtually endless when it comes t o what type s of blog posts you want to write , but one important tip is to choose topics that interests others so they’ll be more likely to share them on social media.

Social Networking

Social networking sites are all the rage these days whether you’re talking about Facebook , Twitter, Snapchat or even LinkedIn. These sites not only allow you to connect with friends and family but they also give businesses the opportunity to reach new customers by advertising on these platforms too. However, if your goal is to actually make money from social networking then there are two sites that stand out above all else: Patreon and Steemit .

Patreon allows content creators like you ( which could be anything from musicians , photographers , artists ) to monetize their own profiles through fan support while Steemit works in a similar fashion except it pays its users for posting good articles!

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you promote products for other companies. If someone decides to buy that product, then your referral link will give you a commission. This method of making money online can be very profitable as long as you have an audience willing to support the sales which means it’s also one that requires skill and patience. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Keep your content fresh by updating frequently
  • Find a product that you truly believe in to give yourself an edge over others online
  • If possible, make sure the company pays commission on repeat sales as well (i.e. Amazon )

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most popular ways for businesses to reach out and communicate with customers but it’s also one of those methods where they’ll pay you money not just once but twice! This types of income generation usually works like this: first, companies will agree to send emails promoting their products or services which means every time someone clicks through from your email you get paid; second , they’ll often let you place ads inside your own personal profile so whenever anyone views it, you’ll be paid for that too!

Data entry jobs

Work from home doing simple data entry jobs that pay $15/hour such as filling out online forms which is offered through the popular site CrowdSurf which allows anyone who has basic computer skills to do these types of tasks while getting paid for the time spent working.

Transcribe videos

If you’re bilingual, watch videos and write down what the person is saying then turn around a sell your transcriptions to others.

Sites like Rev have become a popular way for people to get paid $20/hour or more for transcribing videos.

Sell your own photos online

If you’re good with photography, set up an account on sites like Shutterstock and start selling your work.

Create and sell graphics

If you’re good at creating and designing graphics, you can monetize your skills in several ways.

You can create and sell your own graphics online on sites like Etsy or you can sign up with places like Fiverr, where people will pay for custom designed images. You can also use your graphics skills to add to merchandise and sell them on platforms like Redbubble.

If you’re good at 3D graphics, perhaps you could look into NFT (non fungible tokens) which is a new kind of cryptocurrency that’s being used to buy and sell all sorts of virtual goods.

Sell your own craftwork online

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Take the time to set up an Etsy account where you can start selling handmade items like crocheted afghans, knitted sweaters or hats, jewelry made from gemstones , etc. If none of those are your thing then find what you’re good at making (i.e., birdhouses ) and see if there’s a market for it on sites like Shopify .

Online tutoring jobs

If teaching others something about your area of expertise interests you then try finding clients through platforms like Tutor Doctor who will pay $20 -$30/hour (you can also get paid this way through sites like Chegg Tutors ).

Sell your own original designs online

If you’re good at designing things, sign up with various places that will let you sell your work such as Redbubble where people will purchase custom made t-shirts , mugs , posters or whatever else that has been designed by someone else. You could even try selling other customizable products too .

Virtual assistant jobs

These are some of the most popular ways to make money from home in 2021 and it’s one where individuals looking for part time income options can easily find a job doing simple tasks on their computer while being able to set their own schedule which means they’ll be able to do these types of activities on their own time.

Create and sell your own online course

With more people becoming interested in learning new things, there’s a growing demand for courses that will teach others stuff like how to improve their social media marketing skills or the best ways to start an e-commerce store. If you know something about a topic then set up your own website teaching others what they need to learn via video tutorials, text lessons, PDFs etc, which can then be sold on platforms like Udemy where anyone looking for this type of content will buy them from those who have expertise in these areas. For example, someone with knowledge about fashion may want to create (and sell) their very own online class through places such as Kartra.

You can learn more about what it takes to create and sell online courses here.

Sell beats online

If music is more of a passion than just a hobby, then there are ways to monetize that after all! Sites such as BeatStars allow artists to upload their own work while earning royalties from the sales . Other options include selling beats through an online store (iTunes, etc.) but it’s important to know how much songs usually get sold for in order to price them appropriately. Another option is working directly with other musicians who need background tracks which might be something worth checking out if you’ve already got some experience under your belt.

Write articles that others can use as content

Start writing unique articles that are helpful and informative but avoid spinning them because this is not only frowned upon by Google, it’s also plagiarism!

Sites like iWriter pay anywhere from $15-$100 depending on the length of the article so make sure they’re worth it before submitting them. Sites like Freelancer, Upwork and Fiverr are all great places where you can sell your services too! Put together some samples beforehand though since clients will want to see the quality of work that you can produce.

Start a YouTube or TikTok channel

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While not everyone is a fan of social media, YouTube and TikTok are two platforms that have taken the world by storm. Both sites allow users to share videos with others ( some are even used for tutorials ) which means anyone who gets good at making their own content could earn money simply from doing what they love .

So there you have it!

21 unique ways to make money online in 2021-2022 that can help give you $1000/month if done correctly. If any of these methods interest you then take the time today to get started on them so your future self will thank you later on down the road when filing out those tax forms.