From a long list of AI writers which seems to be all the rage nowadays, Katteb is yet another offering that claims to be able to deliver quality blog posts without much effort.

But does it live up to the hype?

In this article, we’ll explore what Katteb has to offer and whether it is worth investing in.

Katteb review: Is it worth it?

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What is Katteb?

Katteb is an AI writer tool aimed at helping produce a lot of content quickly.

Although there are many different AI writing tools available on the market, what makes Katteb stand out is that it claims to be the world’s first fact-checked, real-time and localized writer.

This helps to make Katteb stand out from the rest since it addresses the issues that all other AI writers currently face; the ability to produce high-quality readable content that is factually correct and fresh.

Another stand out feature of AI writers, which you won’t find in most AI writers, is its ability to generate a full article in one click. Other AI writers would generate content a paragraph at a time, or a section at a time. Katteb is one of the rare AI writers that generates a full article in one go.

Who uses Katteb?

Katteb is aimed at bloggers, content creators and content writers who want to save time on writing content.

It is especially suitable for those who are really tight on time and don’t want to spend too much time fact-checking AI written articles (which is currently a common issue with AI writers).

Main Features

Katteb Plus

Katteb Plus is the AI writing tool that will help produce factually correct content for blogs, social media content, ad copywriting, product descriptions, etc.

In terms of fact checking, the tool will first check facts before writing. It can write about recent or upcoming events.

Most AI writing tools heavily rely on the GPT-3 algorithm developed by OpenAI. One of the shortcomings of GPT-3 is that it is trained on 10% of the internet up till 2019. This means that it doesn’t know about anything that has happened after 2019. It’s like having your own writing assistant that teleported from 2019. You have to inform and give guidance to your teleported friend from 2019, in order to get the content you need. And this can take time.

Katteb Plus veers away from GPT-3 and uses its own proprietary AI algorithm to help write content and has the ability to learn in real-time. How effective this actually is or how they do this, isn’t really clear and couldn’t find much information about it anywhere. The best thing you can do is to test it out yourself and see if the content actually does deliver factually-checked and accurate content.

Other great features with Katteb Plus, is the ability to localize content to a specific country. This is great for narrowing down and writing content for your target audience. In other words, currency will reflect the country your audience is in, as well as any differences in spelling and grammar.

Katteb Plus also fills written articles with images. If you know about SEO, you’ll know how important it is to have images throughout your article in order to help you rank higher in search engines.

The ability for Katteb to find and source images for you can be a great timesaver if you are writing blog content for SEO and can’t afford to spend a lot of time doing it yourself.

AI article writer

This is the more general AI writing tool available in Katteb that leverages GPT-3 and J1-Jumbo AI algorithms to help you write natural articles really fast.

The AI writer helps to write content that is 100% unique and the in-built grammar checker also ensures that content is error-free and clear to understand.

Just like Katteb Plus, the AI writer will also help source stock images for your articles automatically for you and place them throughout your articles, thereby saving you time on the on-page SEO aspects.

AI article rewriter

This tool within Katteb helps you rewrite an existing article entirely with unlimited word count. All you need to do is input the URL of the article and it will output a unique article for you whilst still retaining the meaning of the original content.

The rewriter also helps preserve formatting of the original content. In other words, all your headings and sections will still remain intact, as well as any images and external links.

The rewriter can also be used to convert existing articles into 60+ different language. The rewriter can understand the written article and is able to accurately translate it into another language whilst still retaining the same meaning.

The AI article rewriter works best for rewriting your own existing content on your site. Perhaps you may have an old article that isn’t ranking well and could do with a bit of an improvement. You might have a lot of lost online traffic that you might not be aware of.

AI art generator

Katteb has an in-built art generator tool that you can use to create images. It works by writing a prompt like “a man making money working from home” and it will generate an image for you. Here is the output of that prompt when I ran it. Sure, the money looks a little weird, but of course the possibilities with this are endless.

AI art is becoming all the rage nowadays. There’s so many use cases of AI art that you can leverage, such as creating unique images for your blog posts, creating interesting images for your social media, or creating designs for t-shirts if you’re into dropshipping.

How to get started with Katteb

Getting started with Katteb is generally straight-forward and requires very little training to get going.

To get started, sign up for the free trial. I recommend the free trial first so that you can see if it’s something worth investing into.

Once you’ve signed up, you can choose any of the different AI writing tools available on the dashboard.

Katteb dashboard

To generate a full article, start by typing a title in the text field at the top. Then choose a language and a country that you want to target. Finally, press “Generate Full Article”.

You can also choose the other AI writing tools underneath for your specific writing use case. Just click on the relevant tile and you will be guided through a very simple setup process.

All the AI writing tools can also be accessed on the right-hand menu as well.


Is Katteb easy to use?

It’s really intuitive and easy-to-use. You wouldn’t need to attend any training bootcamps or watch training videos like you would need with more advanced AI tools like Jasper AI.

How good is the writing quality of Katteb?

In all honesty, it’s a bit of a miss or a hit. Sometimes Katteb generates great content and at other times not so much. For long form content, it would sometimes write 1000+ words and at other times, it would get stuck at 200.

Jasper AI vs Katteb: which one is better?

Jasper AI is better simply because it has a lot of advanced tools and quality support in order to help you write content of the highest quality. It does take longer to produce content with Jasper, but there are so many advanced features in Jasper that helps ensure that the written content is truly yours rather than the AI bot. For instance, Jasper’s Boss Mode allows you to command the tool to write exactly the way you want and thus helps you craft an article that leverages your expertise and your style of writing.

Katteb still feels a little gimmicky and you don’t really feel the content is truly yours. Katteb is great if you just want to get a whole bunch of content quickly out there and see which ones get you the most traffic. After that, you can step in and improve that content and make it even better gradually over time.

So overall, I would say Jasper AI is better, but Katteb can help to compliment your writing process. Check out my review of Jasper to see all the great features of Jasper and how it can help you write quality content quickly.

What is the refund policy of Katteb?

There is no refund for any paid subscription, but there is an option to cancel the next subscription period. You would still have access to Katteb until the next subscription period.

Does Katteb have an active community and support?

At the time of writing, no it does not have an active community that you can reach out to. Although, the tool is used by over 70,000 people.

In terms of support, there is an option for live chat on their website as well as email.

Does Katteb have a free trial?

Yes, you can generate up to 2000 words for free and you won’t need to input your credit card details. Click here to sign up for a free trial to test drive it yourself.

My experience

I’ve mainly been experimenting with Katteb to see how I can fit it into my blogging workflow. I usually use Jasper as that is the AI writing tool I’m most comfortable with in terms of delivering me quality content.

So far, I’m quite mixed with Katteb. I love the fact that it comes up with surprisingly good suggested blog outlines. I didn’t need to do much touch ups when it came to blog outlines.

When it comes to the content itself, at times it did really well and at other times, it didn’t do well at all. One example is when there is a section about the pricing of a particular software, it would go tangential and took about the benefits of the software and not answer the question.

For best results with the content quality, it would be best to write about more general topics like “How to lose weight” rather than something specific like “Software X review: The best features 2023”.

In terms of the automatic selection of relevant stock images for my blog posts, I found the idea to be pretty cool as that saves a lot of time when it comes to blogging. It might not be much time for a single article, but as you keep writing a lot of articles, sourcing images online and adding them to articles is a time killer. I really like the idea of using AI to find relevant images for blog articles. It’s something I haven’t seen in many other tools.

However, I feel that Katteb missed the mark when it comes to finding the right image for my blog posts. A lot of times, it would select images with a lot of text or an obvious thumbnail from an existing popular Youtube video.

The AI art generator tool is really cool though. I see myself using this tool quite a bit.

I would say Katteb is still really experimental and would mainly use it if I were to start a new blog and get a lot of content up quickly. I would still go back and improve on those articles later if I find they are getting traction. It is a very risky strategy to employ though as Google is cracking down hard on AI generated content.

You would be better off using Jasper AI as it helps you write content that is truly owned by you and ensures the highest quality content without getting in trouble from Google.


There’s quite a few benefits of using Katteb:

  • Helps generate full articles quickly. All you need to do is enter a title.
  • Generated content is factually accurate, which is usually a challenge with other AI writing tools on the market.
  • The AI tool can help automatically source relevant stock images for your articles and place them throughout the article.
  • The tool can rewrite an entire article by just sending the URL of the existing article, while preserving all formatting.
  • Generated content is 100% unique and plagiarism free.
  • AI art generator allows you to create 10 images per day and has a many potential use cases alone.
  • Easy to use and intuitive.


There are also downsides to Katteb:

  • The quality of generated content is very hit and miss. It doesn’t always stay on topic and tends to go tangential without really answering questions. It tends to do better on more general topics.
  • The automatic image selection isn’t perfect and seems to pick images that are clearly from another blog or a YouTube thumbnail.
  • There is not much of an active community.


Katteb offers 3 different pricing plans:

  • Beginners: $15 per month which allows you to generate 30K words per month
  • Professionals: $20 per month which allows you to generate 100,000 words per month and priority chat support.
  • Experts: $25 per month which has unlimited words and you get a dedicated account manager, priority chat support, and unlimited articles.

You can get a 30% discount on the monthly price if you go with the yearly subscription.


There are similar alternatives to Katteb that you can check out.

Article Forge

This is another one-click full AI article generation tool. The tool helps to generate 1,500+ word articles with more of a focus on optmizing for SEO so that you stand a good chance of ranking on Google.

Wordplay AI

Wordplay is another full AI article generation tool that helps to generate 2000+ word articles in one click and has a WordPress plugin.

Jasper AI

A new template was recently built into Jasper AI called “One Shot Blog Post”. This template helps generate an entire blog post by just answering a few questions. The great thing with this template is that you can use the template multiple times within the same article for different sections and turn a 500 word article into over 5000 words really quickly.

In addition, Jasper AI is a high quality AI tool overall with a very large and active community. I’ve been using Jasper for nearly 2 years now. Check out my full review of Jasper to see if it’s something that you could add into your workflow.

If you want to read more about other high quality AI writers, check out the best AI writing tools that are currently available on the market.

Is Katteb Worth It?

If you’re looking to create a lot of content quickly and see which type of content is generating you traffic, then Katteb is definitely worth considering.

In terms of writing quality, I would not recommend Katteb. I believe over time, this will change. I know they are currently working on a feature to optimize articles for search engines. I will be updating this review once that feature comes out.

The image selection feature can be a great timesaver, but I haven’t found it to be useful for my use case from my own experiments.

I did like the AI art generator feature though and the price you would be paying would be worth it just for this feature alone in my opinion.

Personally though, I mainly prefer Jasper AI as I’m consistently happy with the quality it produces.

I would say, give the free trial of Katteb a shot and see if the writing quality is good for your own use case. You might have a different opinion to me as we may be in different niches. If you’re happy with the quality of the output from the free trial, then definitely go ahead with Katteb.


Overall, Katteb is a decent AI writer tool that can be helpful if you’re looking to generate content quickly. The quality of the output is not always perfect, but it has potential and I believe they will continue to improve over time. The Katteb team definitely have a winning idea. I think they just need to improve the output quality and they will soon become a formidable force in the abundance of AI tools that are available in the market. Jasper AI is still my main recommendation for high quality AI writing, but give Katteb a try yourself to see if it’s a good fit for your needs!