If you’re looking for a new and innovative way to improve your blog writing, look no further than Jasper AI. This tool promises to help you write better content faster and easier than ever before.

But does it really deliver?

In this Jasper AI review, we’ll take a closer look at Jasper AI and find out how it can help you become a better writer. We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of using this tool, so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Jasper AI review

Affiliate disclosure: Just to be transparent, some of the links on this website are affiliate links. If you make a purchase, we will earn a commission, but there will be no additional cost to you whatsoever. This is how we manage to keep creating free content. We never recommend any affiliate links that will not benefit our readers.

I’ve been using Jasper AI for nearly a year now to generate AI content and although I’m an affiliate of the AI software, I’ll share my honest thoughts throughout the review so that you can decide if Jasper AI would be the right fit for your own needs. This review will be different compared to all the other Jasper AI reviews.

Key Takeaways

  • Jasper AI is a writing assistant that can help you write blog posts, books, social media posts and many other types of documents in a much quicker time than if you were to do it yourself.
  • It’s currently the best AI writing tool compared to any of its competitors mainly due to its huge feature set, large team and active community.
  • It’s probably the only AI tool at the moment that keeps coming up with exciting new features and updates which they post regularly on their YouTube channel.
  • The two best things about Jasper AI are the Boss Mode and Recipes. Combined, they can help increase the speed of your writing ten-fold.
  • The two worst things about Jasper AI is the cost and lack of SEO capabilities built in. You would need to sign up to SurferSEO separately in order to leverage the addon in Jasper to let you focus on your on-page SEO.
  • My experience with Jasper AI has been great. Even though it has been costly, it has helped me produce almost 60 long-form blog articles within 6 months without feeling burnt out. A lot of those articles are now ranking even though I don’t have a lot of backlinks or authority.
  • I would recommend Jasper AI only to serious bloggers and content producers. It may not be a good fit for hobbyists.

What is Jasper AI?

Jasper AI is a complete AI writing assistant that can help eliminate writer’s block and help you deliver engaging blog articles, books, social media posts, emails, copywriting for sales funnels, etc.

Jasper AI stands out in its ability to suggest content ideas and titles, finish off sentences, paraphrase and rewrite content, offer personalized grammar and spelling corrections, and even help with keyword optimization for search engine rankings.

Jasper AI (formely Jarvis) is run by Dave Rogenmoser (CEO), John Philips Morgan and Chris Hull (CMOs), and Austin Distel (CTO). They have a large team with over 80 people and growing. The size of the their team alone has helped Jasper AI to thrive and knock out most of their competition.

Who uses Jasper AI?

Jasper AI is used by a wide range of professionals including bloggers, copywriters, authors, marketers, and businesses.

Jasper AI can be used to help with almost every kind of short-form written content (like social media posts and emails) or long-form written content (like blog posts and marketing copywriting).

Most users (including myself) of the Jasper AI software are bloggers and they use it to generate blog posts. Even if you are a digital marketing agency owner, Jasper AI is a great AI copywriting tool on its own.

Many users praise Jasper AI for its ability to save time and improve the quality of their writing. It’s also helpful for those who struggle with grammar or find it difficult to come up with new content ideas.

How to get started with Jasper AI

You can find so many different guides, training and courses on the Jasper website as well as their YouTube channel as there are so many powerful features in the tool. In fact, I haven’t even explored half its features yet! The trainings not only cover new features that the team has rolled out, but also covers workflows and processes that helps you write amazing content quickly so that you can achieve your writing goals faster.

If you are just getting started with Jasper AI, it can be a little daunting so I recommend that you first dip your toes and play around with the AI capabilities first.

Let’s try and create a really basic blog post with Jasper now. You can follow along with me or you can just see the steps below to see how easy it is to create content with Jasper AI.

1) Sign up for a free Jasper account.

2) You will be greeted with a dashboard that looks like this (or at least similar to this).

You can see all the different templates if you navigate to Templates on the left-hand menu.

3) However, let’s start from scratch and create a new blog post by clicking on the + icon next to Documents on the left-hand vertical menu (alternatively click on Documents and then “New Document”).

4) Choose “Blog post workflow”.

5) Now fill out the questions in the wizard. You can copy the answers that I have listed below. I guarantee your AI-generated output will be different to mine anyway, so I don’t fear copyright.

I entered the Description as “Write a blog post about why dogs are better than cats”.

I chose the keywords “dog” and “cat”.

After that I pressed “Continue”.

Keeping it really broad helps your AI be more creative. Sometimes, if you are really specific, the AI may struggle as it may not have enough knowledge.

6) Once done, click “Generate 3 Ideas” under Titles and pick a title that you like. You can always change and customize it later so don’t get hung up on one. If you really don’t like the options presented to you, click “Generate 3 ideas” again.

7) Then click “Generate Ideas” under Intro Paragraph and pick one you like.

8) Then click “Open Editor”.

9) In the editor, you can fill out a basic content description, tone of voice and keywords if not filled out already.

10) Finally, hit the big Compose button and see your AI writing tool write super fast like an expert.

Check out my amazing blog post that I created in less than 2 minutes!

I apologize to all cat lovers. I actually don’t have a preference between dogs and cats myself. You could easily make Jasper AI write a blog post about why cats are better than dogs :) .

Of course, we are just scratching the surface of what Jasper AI is really capable of but you should get an idea of how this can help with your own writing process.

If you are on the paid Boss Mode plan, you can use commands to generate the entire skeleton of your blog post in seconds using commands like these:

  • Generate a blog post outline
  • Generate a blog post intro paragraph
  • Generate a blog post conclusion

This is a very basic recipe for creating a blog post really quickly. This quickly eliminates writer’s block and you won’t be left staring at a blank page for twenty minutes thinking about what to write next.

There are much more powerful features which we’ll cover in the following sections that will show you how to truly maximize your writing productivity with Jasper AI.

Main Features

There are a lot of features in Jasper AI. Let’s take a look at some of the most noteworthy ones.

Boss Mode

In my opinion, this is the best feature of Jasper and what separates Jasper AI from the other AI writing tools on the market.


The Boss Mode allows you to command Jasper AI to write as if you were directing your own personal writing assistant. You don’t need to be a coding expert. Just talk to the tool like you would to a human.

You can actually write a commands like these:

  • write a paragraph about why dogs need less maintenance than cats
  • write a blog outline about the top 5 ways to earn passive income
  • give me some questions about cryptocurrency
  • write ad copy about Jasper AI
  • write a punchy Facebook post about motivation
  • expand on the above paragraph

You can write (or directly tell if you have a microphone and voice-to-text software) as if you are directly communicating with your own personal writing assistant.

After writing your command, you can press Cmd+Enter or Ctrl+Enter (if you are using a PC).

When you are on Boss Mode, Jasper can see the last 2000-3000 characters above your writing. This gives Jasper context into what your content is about and can help the AI stay on track when you give it commands. It also takes into consideration the title, description and keywords to ensure that it is properly incorporating them into its writing.

You will find the quality of the writing output to be seriously impressive. I actually couldn’t find any other AI writer that produces writing quality that stayed on topic as often as Jasper AI.

It also writes engaging copy to keep your readers hooked. This is great for marketers who need compelling product descriptions for their landing pages.

It’s safe to assume that your AI writing assistant is quite smart (after all, it knows over 90% of the internet). However, it doesn’t really know in-depth about any specific topic. It also struggles with obtaining knowledge after 2019 due to the capabilities of GPT-3.

So when using the command, assume that your Jasper bot is smart but only at the surface level. If you are writing something too technical or about specific products or things that the bot would likely not understand, you need to guide the writer like you would a personal writing assistant who isn’t as smart as you are.

After all, AI writers should not be used to generate content for you. You can be penalized for doing that. It should only be used to express your ideas in a faster, more efficient way. This is especially if you struggle with finding the right word, have writer’s block or if English isn’t your first language.

Google Docs Style Editor

In addition to commands, you also get a full Google Docs style editor that you can use to craft any kind of long-form content.

This saves more time than having to deal with copying/pasting content from templates.

You can still use the available templates alongside the editor and build up your content that way. In addition, you can use commands directly within the editor to craft content. You just need to type in what you want the writing bot to write about and press Ctrl+Enter (if you are on a Windows machine) or Cmd+Enter.

The best use case for the Google Docs style editor is for any kind of long-form content such as blog posts, sales landing page copy or even emails.

Note that the Jasper Boss Mode is a higher subscription plan. It is costlier than the Starter plan but it’s definitely worth it if you write a lot of content and want to buy back more time.


One of the coolest things about Jasper AI is its ability to provide recipes for content. Recipes are like pre-built scripts of Jasper commands which you can keep re-using for generating content quickly.

It’s similar to food recipes where a list of instructions are provided and it’s then your job to carry out those instructions step by step. The same sort of process applies to writing content.

For example, if you want to write a bunch of blog posts reviewing different Amazon products, it would be a pain to start from scratch every single time to come up with an outline and structure for each of your posts.

Since you’re reviewing products, each of your blog posts will probably have a similar structure and outline. You don’t want to spend time thinking and planning every single blog post when they will all have a similar structure.

That’s where recipes can come in handy!

You can simply grab a recipe and use it to quickly customize and generate your entire blog post.

Here is an example of a blog post recipe:

> write a blog title about {topic}

> write a blog introduction about {topic}

> write a blog outline about {topic}

> write more about {outline_item_1}

> write more about {outline_item_2}

> write more about {outline_item_3}

> write a blog conclusion

You can then replace the parts in curly braces with specific items for each blog post. For example, “reviewing the Apple watch” or “comparing different wireless earbuds.”

The parts in curly braces are known as variables and it’s the only parts you need to change to help keep Jasper on track and generate content that stays on topic.

The possibilities with recipes are endless and can save you a ton of time in your content creation process.

You don’t even need to rely on Jasper to come up with new recipes. The Jasper community regularly share new recipes that they use themselves and I’m sure you can find even more searching on Google and YouTube. 

You can also generate your own recipe if you find something that works well for you. You could also then share with others as well.

Personally, I love recipes as it helps speed up my writing workflow a lot. One possible improvement could be to somehow auto-generate the variables.

Like in the example above, you can see there are variables used multiple times in the recipe. If there was a way we can specify it once and have it auto-replace everywhere, that would help save a lot of time. I know it may not seem like it would save that much time, it does add up when you start writing lots and lots of content.


Templates are the building blocks for the different types of content online. Jasper AI offers many templates to help you write content. Whatever type of content you need to write, there is probably a template for that in Jasper AI.

I didn’t put templates higher up on this list since this feature isn’t really that new and you can find similar variations of this in many other AI tools.

However, Jasper AI has come up with some pretty cool templates that I haven’t really found in other AI writing tools.

For example, Jasper AI recently rolled out the “One Shot Blog Post” template which has been a massive time-saver. This template allows you to generate an entire blog post in just one click!

This can be really useful, especially if you need to write informational blog posts quickly. The template allows you to answer a few questions in the template form which it then uses as a basis to generate your entire article.

Here are some other popular templates from Jasper AI:

  • Content Summarizer – gets the key bullet points from a piece of content. This is only available in the Jasper Boss Mode plan.
  • Blog Post Sections – There are multiple templates that you can use to create blog posts. There are templates for generating a blog post intro paragraph, a blog post conclusion paragraph, body, blog post topic ideas, blog post title and a blog post outline.
  • Content Improver – takes a piece of content and rewrites it to make it more interesting and engaging. The content improver template is a popular template available in many AI copywriting tools.
  • Creative story – writes a wildly creative story to engage readers.
  • Email subject lines – generates catchy email subject lines to get recipients to notice and open their emails.
  • YouTube Videos – generates catchy titles, descriptions, topic ideas, scripts and hook/introductions which can be useful for video creators.
  • Persuasive bullet points – generates persuasive lists that can be inserted into landing pages or emails.

These are just a few. There’s way more than that in Jasper that might be too much to cover all the templates in this review. Whatever your writing needs are, whether that be blog posts, video scripts, social media posts, emails, or advertising copy, there is a Jasper AI template for that.

After that, you can use Jasper commands to refine and expand upon it to make an awesome article. Note that you do need Boss Mode in order to use Jasper commands.

Jasper has many different templates and should cover almost every type of content you would need for writing online.

Writing tools


Another great feature of Jasper AI is its ability to paraphrase and rewrite content. This can be extremely helpful for improving the quality of your writing and ensuring that your content is relevant and engaging.

Most importantly, it helps to make your content unique. For instance, a lot of people copy other people’s sentences and use spinners thinking that makes their content unique. However, Google and other search engines are becoming smarter and can classify spun content as plagiarism.

With Jasper’s rephrasing tool, it’s different. The AI absorbs the written content and comes up with its own sentence based on its own understanding.

The rephrasing tool should also not be used to just take someone else’s content and rephrased to call it your own content. That is still a form of plagiarism and search engines will eventually be able to detect, if not already.

The tool should only be used to compliment your own writing and expand on any existing writing. It can also be used to help improve your own writing if you struggle with finding the right words to express your thinking.

I rarely use this tool that much. I only use it when I feel like my writing doesn’t really make sense and need the AI to write it better than me.

Fix grammar

Jasper AI also offers grammar and spelling corrections, which can help you ensure that your writing is error-free. This is a great way to improve your content and produce high-quality content that readers will love.

It always looks bad when your content has spelling and grammar errors.

In fact, if you are trying to sell something online, you would struggle to make sales if your landing pages/blogs/etc have spelling mistakes in it. This is probably due to all the online scammers that send suspicious emails and texts that are filled with spelling and grammar issues.

You can lose a lot of potential customers due to spelling and grammar alone.

Explain it to a 5th grader

This is similar to the rephrasing tool. The main difference is that it will “dumb” down the writing in a way that it is really simple to understand and digest.

Just as the tool mentions, it will absorb and rewrite sentences so that a 5th grader can understand it.

You don’t need to use this tool for generating content for 5th graders only. That’s not the purpose of the tool.

The main purpose is to help break complex writing into a way that anyone can understand it.

Again, this is a tool I rarely use. I do use it once in a while if I feel like I’m being way too technical for my readers. You might end up using this tool more than me though. It really depends on the niche and the topics you write about. My niche isn’t that complicated so I don’t need the tool as much.

SurferSEO integration

The most popular use of Jasper AI is for writing blog posts. And of course, one of the most important ways of driving traffic to blog posts is through SEO. SEO is usually the preferred traffic source for most bloggers as it is usually much cheaper than paid traffic and also drives long-term traffic without you needing to do too much.

Getting free traffic through SEO is no easy task. There are so many different SEO rules to abide by and it can get tricky for a blogger in this day and age to keep up with all these different algorithm changes. As a blogger, it can be really tough to break into the top of the search engines nowadays.

Jasper AI on its own doesn’t really help when it comes to SEO. However, Jasper integrates with SurferSEO, another AI tool dedicated to improving SEO for your blog so that you can rank higher in search.

SurferSEO helps to do all the heavy lifting in terms of coming up with topics for your blog posts, determining which keywords to use in your articles and how many times you should be using those keywords. It also helps with determining the word count you should be aiming for.

SurferSEO basically helps you with most of your on-page SEO stuff. Off-page SEO strategies like backlinks and marketing on social media is still your job. I’m not aware if there’s any AI tool for off-page SEO but it would be pretty cool if there is.

If you have a SurferSEO subscription, you can activate the SurferSEO addon in Jasper AI. This makes it much easier and quicker to write articles that have a good chance of ranking.

As you write and generate content in the Jasper word editor, the SurferSEO tool will analyze the writing in real-time and give you a score. The higher the score, the better your chances of ranking high on search engines.

In order to get that score up, you can follow the tools suggestions for word count, and how many times you need to “sprinkle” certain keywords into your article. 

SurferSEO also uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) to find relevant keywords to use in your article. This is really powerful since Google also uses NLP to determine how relevant your article is for certain keywords the user types in search. This is really advanced stuff that you don’t need to even care about as a blogger. You’d just need to follow the suggestions from the SurferSEO tool and get that score up.

As far as I know, SurferSEO is currently the best AI tool for on-page SEO. WriterZen probably comes in a close second.

Ability to read and write over 25+ languages

Jasper AI has the ability to generate content in over 25 languages and dialects.

This is great for non-native English speakers who are now able to generate content in their preferred language and have it converted to English. The content generated in English is of high quality. It won’t be a word-for-word translation as if you would chuck it directly into Google Translate. Doing a word-for-word translation would sound odd simply due to the way sentences and words are structured in different languages.

Jasper’s ability to write in different languages is also great for anyone who wants to diversify and distribute their content in multiple languages.

Jasper Art

This is a brand new feature added to Jasper AI. Jasper Art gives you the ability to generate unique images just by giving it a text prompt.

You would just need to write a simple prompt such as “A man in a white hat standing on a cliff looking into the horizon”. The tool will then generate a few unique variations of a man in a white hat standing on a cliff while looking into a horizon.

The tool gives you the ability to tweak and refine as well so you can create incredible artworks in very little time.

The use cases for Jasper Art are almost limitless. You can use the art to generate stock footage which you can sell. Perhaps you may want to use it to create designs for t-shirts and mugs. Or perhaps illustrations for books and movie posters. Maybe even your own NFTs? It’s all up to you!

Jasper Art may become a standalone tool at some point. For now, you can access it directly in the Jasper menu but you will have to pay a separate subscription to use it.

Jasper Everywhere

Jasper AI have recently rolled out their Chrome extension. This gives you the ability to generate content pretty much anywhere now.

  • You can now use Jasper while you are typing an email in Gmail or Outlook.
  • It can also help if you are stuck for finding the perfect wording for your next Facebook or Twitter post.
  • It can also generate blog articles for you in Google Docs or WordPress.
  • It can generate a highly engaging YouTube title and description when you’ve just uploaded a new video and need to fill out the boring stuff.
  • It can handle the copywriting for you while you design your Shopify store or your Kartra course.
  • It can come up with a witty comeback when you’re having an unproductive argument with someone online.

It’s basically like your personal writing sidekick wherever you are online.

In order to use the extension, you just need to click the Jasper icon in whatever word editor you use and type in a command in the textbox that pops up.

There’s no specific rule for the command. Just type as if you were talking with your personal writing assistant.

I’ve only started using it but so far love how easy everything seems. I love how we just need to click on a button and type commands as if I was in the Jasper AI word editor. There are no extra windows or tabs I need to open while working which makes things smoother overall.

My experience

I’ve been using Jasper AI since late 2020 and I mainly use it to create blog posts.

It has helped me to streamline my work process, and it has made it easier for me to stay organized.

A lot of the content on this site was written with the help of Jasper AI. Of course, I never used the tool to generate entire blog posts for me as I think that’s unethical. Every content on this site is my own thoughts and ideas. Jasper AI was more like a helpful writing sidekick that helped me to express those thoughts and ideas into beautiful writing.

Prior to using Jasper AI, I was only able to write 22 blog posts. That was also my first year of blogging. I was working a full-time job and I still am right now. I was motivated to start blogging at the time since I was mandated to work from home at the time which brought me back a lot of free time.

I wasn’t able to produce hundreds of blog posts like others since I still had to balance a full time job and let’s be honest, I didn’t have too much motivation after I reached my 10th blog post.

It’s not only that I didn’t see too much traction, but also because I felt burnt out writing 2000+ word articles over and over again. So there would be periods where there would be a burst of content on my site and longer periods where there was no activity at all.

Thankfully, I did notice traffic to my site slowly creeped upwards even though I wasn’t a content producing machine. I guess this motivated me to start taking blogging more seriously and I came across Jasper AI from a Facebook post.

I decided to give Jasper AI a try and was amazed at how quickly I was able to write and publish blog posts. I had 10,000 free word credits which I used up fairly quickly and decided to subscribe to the Jasper Boss Mode plan which was expensive at the time.

After that, I was able to generate around 60 more blog posts in a span of around 6 months. Half of which were for this site. It’s still not a crazy amount, but considering I was doing all this online business building on my own while working a full-time job, I felt there was no way I could have done that if I didn’t have a tool like Jasper AI.

I did unsubscribe to Jasper AI for a few months purely because it was expensive and tried other cheaper AI tools like WordHero.

However, I did end up coming back to Jasper AI as their Boss Mode plan became cheaper and I also decided to step it up and subscribe to SurferSEO so that every article I write has a chance to rank high on Google which would drive me more traffic to my blog.

So far, I think it’s working.

As of September 2022, I have 65 blog posts on this site and Jasper AI has played a big part in helping my site grow.

My main workflow goes something like this:

  • Use SurferSEO to come up with low competition topics that I have a chance to rank for.
  • Start a new blog post workflow in Jasper AI and integrate SurferSEO for the keyword I’m looking to rank for.
  • Use Jasper AI to generate title ideas and an introduction and conclusion.
  • To generate the blog post outline, I use a custom recipe that I created myself. I sometimes use other people’s recipes that they share on the Jasper Facebook Group. At times, I also use Jasper’s own suggested recipes as well (although I do find the default ones to be too simple).
  • I spend an hour or so generating content based on the recipe and then go through and change a few things, especially if Jasper AI goes off track.
  • There are few times where Jasper AI doesn’t have knowledge of what I’m writing about. For these ones, I would write in my own words and then get Jasper AI to re-write or expand on it.
  • A typical 2000 word blog post takes me around 1-2 hours going from scratch to a ready to publish. Writing with Jasper AI is the quickest part though. Most of the time is spent trying to get my SurferSEO score up as well as all the metadata stuff like tags, internal/external links, finding relevant images and proofreading.

One thing to note is that it still takes time to create content even if you’re on the Boss Mode plan. It isn’t a magic one-click blog post production machine. A lot of people misuse AI tools to generate articles super quickly and we had a flood of spammy content on the internet. Google has since updated their algorithm to penalize anyone who uses only AI to generate content.

It’s still perfectly fine to use AI writing tools, however, you still need to drive the content of the articles and treat these tools like your own personal writing sidekick. Your thoughts and ideas should still be visible in the articles. It should not sound like a robot.

Using AI tools for writing content can be a great way to save time and energy when you’re stuck for what should come next in your articles, but it’s important not to just use them as an easy substitute. You still need the input from yourself or someone else – even if that person happens to have been created by artificial intelligence!

As you can see below, I probably shouldn’t have given up on Jasper AI earlier on and should have just stuck with it. Both Jasper AI and SurferSEO have helped my site to grow organically.

The parts with the red arrow shows where I subscribed to Jasper AI. The red line shows how long I was subscribed for.

I’m still really early into my blogging journey and learning the ins and outs of SEO every day. So far, my experience with Jasper AI has been a positive one and I’m sure I’ll update this post again one day to show you even better stats on my site.

I would definitely recommend Jasper AI to anyone who is looking for a way to improve their productivity.

Jasper AI Pros

  • The ability to write blog articles a lot faster than if you were to write them on your own.
  • The ability to generate months of social media content in minutes.
  • It generates quality content compared to other similar AI tools.
  • You can create unlimited projects.
  • There’s loads of training available online like their Jasper AI Bootcamp. This is a great way to become a better writer with Jasper AI.
  • A dedicated Jasper AI Facebook Group where you can reach out to a like-minded community of bloggers, marketers and business owners for help and support.
  • A huge number of templates and recipes to choose from.
  • Jasper AI support is amazing. They always respond to any queries you have.
  • The Jasper AI team are hardworking and are always rolling out new features.
  • They recently became a ‘unicorn’ company valued at over $1.5 billion.
  • Their Chrome extension which allows us to generate content almost everywhere online.
  • The Jasper AI affiliate program is among one of the best and they pay recurring lifetime commissions.

Jasper AI Cons

  • The UI editor can be slow once you’ve written over 3000 words (especially if you are using the SurferSEO addon).
  • The AI generated content sometimes doesn’t stay on point and tweaking is needed. If the topic is super specific which Jasper AI doesn’t know about, it’s almost pointless to keep tweaking and would be quicker to write the content yourself. I believe this has been improved recently though.
  • The AI generated content sometimes repeats the same text over and over. This doesn’t happen too often though. It might be a GPT-3 thing rather than a Jasper AI thing.
  • The lack of SEO and keyword research features built in. We would need to subscribe to SurferSEO, a separate subscription tool.

How much does Jasper AI cost?

There are 2 pricing plans for Jasper AI.

  • Starter pricing plan: It comes with 50+ AI templates, over 25 languages, 5 users, and chat support. Pricing starts at $24 per month for 20,000 words.
  • Boss Mode pricing plan: It comes with everything in the Starter pricing plan and in addition, you get a Google Docs style editor, the ability to use commands and the Chrome extension so you can have Jasper everywhere. You also get priority chat support. Pricing starts at $49 per month for 50,000 words.

Of course, you can adjust the plan to have more words per month but the cost will be higher. You can visit their pricing page and toggle the number of words you need to see how much it would cost.

I’m currently on the Boss Mode plan and I think it’s definitely worth it if you plan on taking blogging (or other kinds of long form content) seriously.

What are the alternatives to Jasper AI?

There are many different AI writing tools that are similar to Jasper AI. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones.


WordHero is a newer AI content creation tool that has the ability to help write blog posts, social media content, emails and more just like the Jasper AI tool. It is used by over 10,000 people.

The tool has a large number of templates, a lot of which look similar to what you would find in Jasper.

There is also a Google Docs style editor for writing long-form content like blog posts.

I’ve used WordHero myself before and found it useful. It wasn’t as feature packed as Jasper AI but I think it can be a great tool if you just need to get some basic writing done.

You can check out a more detailed comparison of Jasper AI and WordHero.


Frase is another similar tool that focuses more on researching and optimizing content to rank high on search engines. The target users are mainly bloggers and they use Frase to generate blog posts.

It has been around for a while and is used by over 30,000 people. They have a Facebook Group over 9000 people.


Rytr is an AI writing assistant and is used to generate AI content for a wide variety of different use cases such as blogging, email, social media content, etc.

It’s also one of the biggest tools on the market and is used by over 60,000 people.

Creaitor AI

Creaitor AI is a simple AI writing assistant aimed at simplifying content creation.

It doesn’t have as much features as Jasper AI. This is mainly due to it being a very new product in the world of AI writers.

I have used and reviewed Creaitor AI. Personally I prefer Jasper AI, at least at the time of writing, as it is generally better supported and the feature set suits me as a blogger.


Quillbot is an AI paraphrasing tool. It’s not really an AI writer. It does help to simplify content creation a lot.

I use Quillbot myself and tend to use it alongside Jasper AI.

The main strength I find Quillbot has over Jasper AI is in its ability to rewrite content or expand on sentences.

I would first write a blog post with the help of Jasper AI and then use Quillbot to help improve on some sentences.

Quillbot also has a Chrome extension that was already available well before Jasper introduced theirs.

I find it useful as it helps correct my writing in real-time on the go.


Is Jasper AI any good?

Yes, Jasper AI is pretty amazing. It has a number of features that make it useful, including the ability to come up with ideas for writing, helping you when you’re stuck on what to write next or curing writer’s block. Additionally, it can help improve SEO with the SurferSEO integration. It can also generate unique artworks and images (for a separate cost) and there is now a Chrome Extension that lets you generate content everywhere.

How can I use Jasper AI for free?

Jasper AI doesn’t have a free plan currently. You can try out 10,000 words of Jasper AI for free though. That’s the equivalent of around 5 in-depth blog posts.

Who founded Jasper AI?

Jasper AI (formely Jarvis) was founded by Dave Rogenmoser, J.P. Morgan and Chris Hull.

Why did Jarvis change to Jasper AI?

The CEO, Dave Rogenmoser, received a ‘strongly worded’ email from Marvel to change their name since Jarvis was Tony Stark’s AI assistant in Marvel’s Iron Man. Marvel, which is basically Disney, has a lot of lawyers and resources compared to the Jasper team and so it was almost inevitable that they would lose if Disney were to pursue a legal action. Due to that, the team decided it would be much less hassle and just rebrand to a new name and hence Jasper AI was born.

Prior to that, the tool was originally called Conversion.AI but that name was changed mainly for strategic purposes.

Can Jasper AI write a book?

Yes, people have been using Jasper AI to write and publish books. In fact, someone had written and published an entire book in 7 days thanks to Jasper.

How many people use Jasper AI?

As per the site, they claim over 70,000 people use Jasper AI.

Can you show me some Jasper AI examples?

Here is a command I asked Jasper: “Write one sentence why dogs are better than cats”

Jasper’s response: “Dogs are better than cats because they are loyal and obedient.”

Here is another command: “write 3 tips for losing fat”

Jasper’s response: 

“1. Be consistent with your diet and exercise routine. If you want to see results, you need to put in the work every day.

2. Find a diet and exercise plan that fits your lifestyle. There’s no point in following a plan that you can’t stick to.

3. Make sure you’re getting enough protein and fiber. Both of these nutrients help promote weight loss.

How accurate is the above? I don’t know, as I’m not a fat loss expert. As a blogging expert yourself, you may need to tweak your own results as you have to assume the AI bot only has basic knowledge and still relies on you, the expert.

Is Jasper AI good for SEO?

As a standalone tool on its own, Jasper AI is not good for SEO. It’s better for creating high converting copy and writing that would keep your readers engaged. Jasper AI does integrate with SurferSEO though which is a separate subscription. Jasper AI and SurferSEO together will help you improve your on-page SEO.

Final Verdict

Overall, I would say Jasper AI is awesome for creating content. It has probably been the best investment I’ve made from the time I started blogging in late 2020 to now. It has helped me overcome writer’s block and I’m able to come up with new blog post topics consistently.

I would recommend Jasper AI only if you are serious about content creation. If you only need content occasionally or just a hobbyist, you would be better off staying away from Boss Mode or even going with a cheaper alternative like WordHero.

If you are serious about blogging and driving traffic organically through search engines, I would recommend using Jasper AI along with SurferSEO. Both combined are powerful weapons that can help you quickly create long form content and drive more traffic in less time.

Every other tool that I’ve tried to generate AI content, I found the output hasn’t been as high quality and feature-packed as Jasper AI. The large team, active community of like-minded content creators and marketers, the $1 billion dollar valuation, the ever-growing amount of new features being rolled out, all help to make this the best AI writing tool you can get at this current time.

I also hear whispers that there may be AI-generated audio and video as well. If this is true, we will be able to scale our content to new heights we could never have achieved before.


If you’re looking for a new and innovative way to improve your blog writing, Jasper AI is worth checking out. This tool promises to help you write better content faster and easier than ever before.

But does it really deliver?

In this Jasper AI review, we’ve taken a closer look at Jasper AI and found that it comes with a lot of helpful features like paraphrasing and rewriting content, correcting grammar and spelling mistakes, and providing recipes for new content ideas. It’s also been praised by users for its ability to save time and improve the quality of their writing.

However, there are some cons that should be considered before making a purchase decision. For example, the price tag may be too steep for some people or the tool may not work well for everyone.

Overall, Jasper AI is an impressive tool that can help you take your blog writing skills to the next level. If you’re interested in giving it a try, be sure to visit their website for more information.