If traffic is your goal, then you might be trying to do too many things at once. You need to focus on traffic generation strategies that are proven to work and convert traffic into leads and customers. It’s also important not just for traffic but for building value in the customer experience as well.

Innovative ways to reach new customers

In this blog post, we will discuss 5 innovative ways that can help you reach more customers and increase sales!

Create a compelling offer (value proposition) that draws customers in

One of the best ways to boost customer experience and get them coming back for future purchases is by creating a compelling offer (value proposition) which draws in prospective buyers. The key here is to clearly communicate what problem or need it can solve for your target audience while also making sure that there’s some tangible incentive included with an attractive call-to-action such as free shipping or buy one get one deals so they feel like they’re getting a deal.

Remember, whenever you can provide value to your customers and make them feel like they’re getting the best possible offer on their purchase (without affecting margins) it will always leave a positive lasting impression and help improve customer retention rates as well!

Let’s look at this example: You run an online store that specializes in selling phone cases for smartphones such as iPhone Xs Max, Samsung Galaxy S-series etc.

Instead of just having generic traffic pop up from various sources with no real focus or goal behind what they want out of using your website – try creating specific landing pages where you can target traffic based on certain criteria such as product category which is most relevant to the traffic source so potential buyers know exactly what kind of product they’re looking at.

With smartphone cases for example, traffic may come from Google searches that are looking for “iPhone Xs Max cases” or similar keywords.

Once traffic reaches your website, they will be able to see a list of options on the left side with pricing and descriptions as well as an image preview (if possible) – if traffic is coming from Google Adwords you’ll want to make sure there’s no ads above the fold because those sell at a premium rate whereas organic traffic typically has higher engagement rates.

You can also include product recommendations based on what others have viewed in order to help increase conversions and move customers further down your funnel after initial contact has been made which we call customer nurturing!

Perhaps also include a compelling offer that will interest them in making the purchase such as “Buy One, Get 50% Off Second Item” or even bundling it with another compatible accessory to make sure they hit checkout fast!

The point here is simple: always think about creative ways you can create value without affecting margins and always design traffic sources to be specific so you can get the biggest ROI possible.

Generate high-quality traffic using SEO techniques

SEO traffic is traffic generated from keywords and phrases which users enter into a search engine such as Google, Bing etc. Unlike other forms of traffic where you have to pay for it or share the revenue with a third party – this type of traffic is free once you’ve created content that’s been optimized around certain keywords related to your niche/industry.

In order to do SEO effectively however, creating high-quality content that addresses specific needs within your audience while also optimizing the page title, meta description and headings on each page will give you an edge over competitors who don’t optimize their pages properly before going live!

One way we like to implement this strategy at our agency is by using Ahrefs Content Explorer tool which shows you a list of the top performing content on your chosen website along with traffic volume, number of social shares and more.

This is extremely powerful information because it allows us to see what kind of topics our competitors are covering that have been doing well historically so we can create new content around those same keywords/phrases in order to bring traffic from new sources!

In some cases this can be fairly easy if they’re writing about topics directly related but other times it may take more time depending on how specific the topic being covered is (for example: “organic traffic” vs “how organic traffic works”).

The point here is simple: always make sure you know where your audience spends their time online (where do they spend most of their time?) and create content that will be most relevant to them.

Blogging is a great way to build traffic, leads and sales for your business! Here are some tips:

  • pay attention to the keywords people use in search engines when trying to find something you sell or related topics so you can optimize pages around those terms
  • try using landing pages where traffic has specific actions they must accomplish such as entering an email address before getting access (we call this customer nurturing)
  • create valuable offers such as “buy one get another 50% off” or bundles which help increase conversions while also increasing average order value in total Once traffic reaches your website, make sure it’s easy to navigate by including similar products together at the top of each category and category pages
  • this will help increase average order value as users can easily see what’s available to them. The point here is simple: traffic generation is a key step in the process of growing your business online!

The point here is simple: traffic generation is a key step in the process of growing your business online!

Utilize social media channels to generate traffic and leads

Social traffic isn’t traffic generated from social media platforms themselves but rather traffic that comes to your website or landing pages via sharing within Facebook, Twitter and other similar sites.

Traffic coming through this channel tends to be higher quality since it’s being referred by someone they know which creates a familiar trust factor!

One way we like to implement this strategy at our agency is by using tools such as Buzzsumo where you can enter any type of content URL into the search bar so it shows you what kind of shares each piece has seen along with average time on page/site, organic traffic sources etc.

The point here is simple: always try figuring out how you can create shareable content that will benefit users in some way before launching anything live – this will help increase traffic, leads and sales in the long run!

Facebook Groups can be a great way to generate traffic and leads as well!

One of the most effective ways we’ve found is by utilizing Facebook Groups which allows you to post a link with your message in order for people to see it.

This can work extremely effectively if there’s high engagement within that group, however this isn’t always the case so make sure you test out different groups before making any decisions on what will be best suited for your business.

To start off, why not join some related industry groups which have over 100k members then reach out directly asking them how they feel about certain products/services or ideas?

You may find that users are more than happy to help promote something new because chances are they’re already receiving value from it (and don’t forget to return the favor by always being an active member in these groups yourself).

If you’re interested to learn how to leverage your own Facebook profile as a traffic machine and reach more customers that way, check out this post here.

Another great traffic source comes through social media platforms such as LinkedIn!

Although it’s not talked about much compared to Facebook or Twitter, this platform still has millions of active users who are currently looking for ways they can increase their professional image – what better way than providing knowledge within the form of LinkedIn posts?

The key thing with LinkedIn traffic isn’t just posting any old post without having an actual goal in mind but rather using this tool by strategically creating long term where you’re sharing relevant content on the platform for free with the goal of drawing traffic to your website using calls-to-action at the bottom!

This can be extremely powerful since LinkedIn traffic tends to skew more towards higher level professionals which means there is less competition when it comes to getting these users attention.

This same strategy works on similar platforms such as Quora where you’re answering questions that people are actively searching within their platform (for example “how do I get traffic” or “what traffic sources should I use”) – helping them solve a problem they’re currently facing and providing value in return will help increase conversions over time!

The point here is simple: social media provides an easy way for businesses to generate traffic and leads, but it’s important to be strategic when doing so in order to see the best results!

Traffic and traffic generation is a key step in growing your business online. Make sure you’re always testing new traffic sources such as these ones we discussed above and don’t forget: traffic isn’t traffic until its converted into something more tangible like sales or another type of actionable result for your business – focus on that goal and you’ll continue seeing growth month after month!

Use video marketing campaigns to engage with your audience

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Video marketing is becoming more and more popular as people are consuming most of their media through videos now. It’s important to use this traffic source because it helps build trust faster since you’re able to tell your stories visually which are easier for users to understand, remember and share with others – all of these factors combined will help increase traffic, leads & sales!

There are a number of ways we like to implement video marketing at our agency:

  • create engaging presentations
  • record webinars where users can ask questions
  • make short customer testimonial or feature highlight videos that generate traffic from new sources.
  • Leveraging live stream content such as Facebook Lives can work well since they get recorded directly on the platform itself but also accessible via YouTube channel to provide traffic/leads from new sources.

The point here is simple: video marketing can be a very effective way to build traffic, leads & sales for your business so always look into doing some type of live stream content that will engage users!

Offer freebies or discounts to customers who share your content

As we’ve talked about before, traffic isn’t traffic unless it’s converted into something more tangible for your business.

One of the best ways to increase conversions is by offering some type of value or discount that benefits users in return for sharing your site with their own audience – this can be done through simple things such as asking visitors to like and/or follow you on social media (most platforms offer a way to do this now), signing up for newsletters or even getting them to signup via email!

This traffic source works well because generally these users will be part of an audience who would benefit from knowing about what you’re selling which makes them very likely candidates when it comes time for making those purchases 🙂

The point here is simple: traffic sources like these can be extremely powerful and can help increase traffic, leads & sales for your business so always look into what type of offers you can give to users who share your content with their own audience!


If you want to increase traffic and leads, there are a number of ways that your business can generate traffic through video marketing.

One way is by creating engaging presentations or recording webinars where users can ask questions. Another strategy is leveraging live stream content such as Facebook Lives which will help bring in traffic from new sources.

In order to see the best results with traffic generation, always be testing out different types of traffic sources so that you’re able to identify those that work well for your business before scaling them up too quickly!

If all this seems daunting and overwhelming then it’s time to partner with an expert who has successfully helped other businesses grow their sales over time – our team at BrainStackers are ready and waiting! Reach out today if you would like to know more about how we can help!