Have you been looking for a way to make money online? Have you considered starting an online course? While there are many ways to make money, an online course may be one of the most profitable.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to make money with online courses.

Make money with online courses

We will talk about what it takes to start your own profitable online course and give tips on getting started!

How do I create and sell a successful and profitable online course?

By 2025 online learning will generate about $350 Billion in revenue. You don’t need to be a professional to develop and sell course on online education. Selling online courses can offer huge potential and is one of the best business models today to making money online.

The topics you can cover include art or photography, personal development, music, gardening, cooking, marketing technology, language and more. Most of these users have made thousands of dollars from online courses on how to guitar. For instance how to bake bread.

Courses usually are only successful if you teach something which people actually want and/or need. Easy-to-use websites have simplified online course creation, and you can offer courses that complement your existing business. Online courses require time as well.

Why a lot of course creators fail to make money with their online course?

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Most beginner course creators fail to make money with their online course because they make the same mistakes as many other beginners. They make a course that’s too long, take an overly complicated approach to teaching their content or simply don’t understand what it means to market online courses effectively.

  • Too Long: The tendency is for beginner course creators to make a massive 60+ hour course with no clear path on how much information someone should learn at any given time. This type of delivery method causes people who are new learners not know where in the curriculum they need more help and ends up discouraging them from finishing altogether because there is just so much material to work through at once. You see this a lot with courses on Udemy.
  • No Clear Path: There needs to be some sort of overarching theme throughout your entire course that provides guidance about where you can point students to for more information when they need it. For example, make a course about “How to Create an App” and take the time in each section of your curriculum to point students to other places you think that could help them out or where they can find further reading materials on their own.
  • Too Complicated: You know what I’m talking about – the people who make courses with so many moving parts that it’s hard for new learners to keep up without having some sort of background knowledge going into it first. Instead, beginners should start by making something simple before trying anything too complicated because this will make sure that someone doesn’t get discouraged from finishing.
  • Not Marketing Enough: The biggest mistake made by beginner online course creators is not marketing their course effectively. Creating a good quality online course isn’t enough to make money with it – you need to make sure that people know about your content, too!
  • Wrong Approach: Lastly, don’t make the mistake of thinking all marketing needs to be done in one go and once everything is set up then everything will start rolling in automatically. You have to constantly remind yourself about how important it is for beginners creators making courses on Udemy or Teachable who rely solely on organic traffic from social media channels like Twitter or Facebook because this type of approach just won’t work anymore without investing capital into paid advertising campaigns.

The key takeaways are: do not make an overly complicated course with no clear path; make something simple before trying anything

How to come up with a good course idea?

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Whatever you want to make a course about, make sure that it’s something which is profitable. For example if you have knowledge on how to bake bread than this may be an idea for a profitable online course because many people would love to learn from your experience and expertise.

There are many ways through which you can come up with ideas of topics for courses:

  • By reviewing the best sellers in Udemy/Teachable platforms;
  • By looking at what has been most popular topic on Reddit these days;
  • By searching around the Quora platform;  (just make sure not do copy someone else work)

If after researching properly you don’t feel confident enough then just make a simple 30 minutes long video explaining one skill that you are very good at. People will appreciate your effort and this may be a great starting point for creating profitable online courses in the future.

Benefits of selling online courses

Online learning is an enormous industry and is constantly growing. Just about any topic can be profitable for website creators. You also have to produce permanent online courses. All the videos that you recorded in the course can be uploaded as products instead of the real course. Productive course makes the course business sustainable in a digital world. In other words, you just put some effort into creating it once that goes out and you can sell it over for a long period of time. Purchasing of branded courses can be successful in online course industry. Find out about the [link].

How much can you make selling online courses?

Make money with online courses

Getting more in one-click online courses is possible with some courses earning between $50k and $100k. Many authores get $1 – 5k/month. There are many factors that determine how much you get in online courses. Some of the biggest things are the course price, the amount of niche you cover and the age you have your clients. How do I make profit by using online courses? As well as how much you should charge for your course and other factors that will determine how much you should earn from your course. Examples can include many online classes where instructors earn between $10k-50K each month.

How much money you make will mostly depend on your niche and how relevant it is.

The key takeaway is that online courses are profitable for any topic you can think of. You just need to make sure that what you’re teaching people in the course will get them results when they follow through with it.

When making an online course (especially if this is your first course), there’s only one thing more important than building a quality product: marketing! It doesn’t matter how amazing your content or video production skills are if no-one knows about your courses! This means putting lots of effort into finding new customers for your business by using different channels like social media, PPC adverts & influencer promotions. The best way to determine how much money you make from selling online courses is to make sure that you use all the available channels for advertising so that it can boost your course sales as much as possible.

More eyeballs to your courses means more potential sales! In general, for every 100 visitors to your course landing page, you can expect to make about two sales, if your conversion rate is good.

If you price your course at say $299, you can expect to make around $598. Not too bad for just driving 100 visitors! You would make well over $200K per year if you can drive that amount of visitors. And when I say visitors, I mean targeted visitors that actually need what you are offering to teach.

Selling online courses isn’t easy, but with a good marketing strategy and sufficient time to create and review it, there are huge rewards both financially and in terms of personal development!

But don’t be too driven on how much money you would make. Always deliver true value first. There are way too many courses out there that don’t deliver true value and only seem interested in making money for themselves.

The key takeaway is that online courses are profitable for any topic you can think of. You just need to make sure that what you’re teaching people in the course will get them results when they follow through with it.

How to price your online course for maximum profits?

Pricing is another major decision for course creators. Charging too little will affect perceived value of your course. But too much will likely inhibit people from paying you to. Selling it lower than expected will probably attract low-quality customers and these customers will be carrying your course brands. There may also be valid reason for pricing low when you’re still in a pre-launch phase. You can also choose to give it for free for several reasons including when your course becomes a bonus for another course purchase or simply want to join new buyers. Deadlines creates urgency and could get you more sales even lower.

What is the best way to ensure you make your online courses profitable?

There are few things you need to do before you even start to create online courses. You need to make sure that your course is as profitable and make a plan for it. You also have to make sure that you are marketed in the right manner so people know about your work. Don’t make the mistake of thinking everything will be okay once you start marketing – because this just isn’t true anymore!

What important factors should I take into consideration?

There are many things that a course creator must consider when selling online courses. These include: teaching only what they’re qualified to teach, pricing wisely, how much time an instructor has available, using typos on text-based materials and other considerations like cultivating relationships with affiliates or partners (you can read more about them here). Planning ahead is vital if you want any hope of succeeding at this.

Marketing your courses and how to find new customers for your courses

Let’s now look at a few ways you can market your online courses and even grow your online course business.

Build your email list

Free resources are lead magnets which are helpful for identifying email addresses. You can group your list together and add tags. Make sure you give them things important that may induce them to give you their email. The information you wrote above is useful. These free resources will help you capture your email list and send them to your email address and follow-up on them as well as follow-up on them in the comments section of this article.

Build a blog around your online course

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A great way to sell online courses, is to make use of your own website! Create a blog on your website and make it all about your online course. You can create posts that are related to the topic you sell for example, “how to ride a skateboard for beginners”. Write articles like this post here which will help people who want to know more about making money by selling their own online course.

A blog also helps build your email list and make you a recognized authority in your niche. So it’s a win-win for you anyway and you can experience long term audience growth and online course sales. Some of my old courses from years ago are still making money till this day!

If you are able to drive targeted traffic that converts, you have just built yourself a passive income machine that can earn you for years.

Promote your courses through your YouTube channel

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Your YouTube channel can be a great place to make money with your online courses. You might find sales come in quicker when you promote via YouTube. This is because video is powerful in making an impact and make people want to take action. You can make your own videos that are related to the topic of online courses or you may also just use some free video clips from YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Make use of Facebook Groups and other online communities

Facebook Groups are an excellent way to build an audience and to promote your online course.

You can even create your own Facebook Group and make your online course available for free in the group so that people who join will be able to see it.

You could also make a Facebook page that’s all about courses or make offers on your own website as well.

Linkedin Groups are another place where you might find success with promoting your online course offerings! And don’t forget about Quora too, which has over 500 million views each month!

Make Money with Affiliate Offers and Sponsorships 

Another great way to make money with your online course is getting affiliates to promote it. You can make a commission when they sell your own online course and make some money off of that as well. The same goes for sponsorships with other companies in the space you’re working in to promote their course through your site or blog by building high-quality, exclusive content if you post on social media channels like Facebook, YouTube or even Instagram.

Additional tips:

● Always try to make sure the quality is good enough before trying anything else because this will be what sells online courses over time;

● Start small with one course first until you gain more knowledge about how profitable certain types of courses are;

● Online learning should always have clear paths so don’t make an overly complicated course without any obvious ways forward.

How to sell your course on Udemy

Udemy can be great place as a beginner to sell and market your online course. This is a great place for people to make a little extra income without much effort. They offer some of the best prices online, which means it can be really profitable and easy to make money with Udemy.

They have a large number of courses with a wide range of prices, making it easy to make money on the platform. You can make your course available for free using Udemy’s “Offer Your Course For Free” promotion which will attract even more customers and make you profit from every student who takes your online class until they purchase.

How to sell your course on Skillshare

Skillshare is another great place to make a course and make money on the platform. Their prices are more expensive than Udemy but their customer base is much different because of this. Skillshare attracts many higher-income customers who may be less price sensitive, simply looking for quality content delivered in an engaging way.

Skillshare mostly has a creative side to it and a focus on arts, writing, photography etc., which make for high-priced courses already.

You would be paid based on minutes watched.

How to sell your course on Teachable

Teachable has become one of the most popular players in online courses, especially after being acquired by Shopify last year due to its ease of use and features that make it possible for you to make money with just about any type or style of class imaginable from art classes or cooking lessons all the way up through job training videos. Uploading your own content onto Teachable gives you complete control over pricing as well as the ability to make money with referrals and affiliate offers.

Teachable has a beautiful interface that’s easy for customers to navigate, making it one of the most user-friendly platforms on which you can make your online course available.

How to sell my online courses:

● Add your contact information so people know how they can reach out if they have any questions;

● Be sure all links are live and working correctly before uploading or submitting anything;

● Always try not include too many points in an article because this will make it hard for readers who just want some quick tips about what you’re talking about without having to read more than they wanted.

● If there is only one thing you take away from reading this, make it this: make sure the quality is good enough before trying anything else because this will be what sells online courses over time.

Selling Your Course as a PDF or eBook

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An interesting way to sell your course as a PDF or eBook is to make it available on Amazon Kindle. This will make your course more accessible and make money because customers can buy it easily through the app, in addition to just downloading it.

Amazon also has an excellent reputation with consumers and reviewers when you make sure to focus on publishing high-quality content as well as making your description stand out so people want to purchase from there first instead of somewhere else that might be selling for less.

Giving Courses for Free (or at a Discount)

A common tactic for people who make online courses is to make them available for free in order to make money. This will help you capture email addresses and build your audience, which makes it easier when the time comes to sell other products or services

  • Use numbers instead of bullet points;
  • Make sure that every point has a sentence explaining why this point should be included (example: How using Udemy as a beginner can make money)
  • Add at least five sentences per paragraph so each paragraph contains one main idea with its supporting details. If two paragraphs have similar content then try linking them together because this will make it easier for readers to follow along without getting confused or feeling like they’re reading too many different things at once.

Create a content upgrade or lead magnet

Add editable worksheets to the course the students are able to download on purchase. Add more “get-it” content for a user who does not have internet access. It makes it even easier for students to get through your course because they know the content no matter where they are. You can include various kinds of information downloadable, from PDFs to videos. Downloadable downloads and offline downloads include: PDFs, multimedia content, PDFs. This is downloadable offline data for students who want to participate during the course. Download contents for download.

Host live events

Live online training sessions or Q&A session can help improve engagement. Sometimes instructors offer weekly or monthly meetings each week during the duration of a course period for which they live with students to provide additional support. If you spend 30 minutes or more every week you can begin to pay more! Copy Hackers offers free “Tutorial Tuesdays” with content that freelance copywriters can benefit from. When you register to the Copy School you get access to exclusive live events. To find out more visit Copyhackers.com.

Will advertising increase my course income?

Generally you should get somewhere between $90-95% for every $100 spent on advertising if you have some really interesting advertisements. It covers money people pay your courses directly as well as upsells and downsells. If an advertiser makes better money than the cost then increasing advertising expenditure can really expand sales. You will get back $2 to $10 from each $1 spent on advertisements if you achieve the successful ad which increases your course earnings by a maximum of $1.


Online courses provide both accessibility and affordability. People out there need help. They need you to solve problems in their lives or learn how to do something more effective. Making online courses today could do everything to make this happen. It’s time to begin learning how to create and market your own course. It can be a wonderful way to learn more easily. It costs less than a year to learn less than you are doing college. It is an exciting and new day! In order to create courses we must learn how to find out.

I’m sure there are plenty of other ways you could promote your online courses so I want to hear from you guys what have been successful for YOU? What do others think?

Now on to you: Are you on board?

Course creators have the opportunity to sell courses to create more sources of passive income or just make a living teaching online through a website. Monetizing your existing training workshops, YouTube videos, podcasts, coaching sessions or other skills someone is looking up to you.

Making money with online courses is one thing, but learning how to create and market it right from the beginning is a whole new ball game. Check out our post on How To Create And Sell Online Courses to learn exactly what you need to do to take a course all the way from an idea to a profit making machine.