It can be super awkward sending friend requests to people you don’t know. It can feel a lot more awesome when you get people adding you instead.

Having a lot of friends on Facebook can help you a lot in terms of growing your influence and authority for your online business.

It’s one of the best ways to grow your audience online which has great benefits in terms of generating traffic, leads and even sales. Of course, it also makes you look popular and important.

In this post, we’re going to look at how to make friends on Facebook without sending requests.

How to make friends on Facebook without sending requests

Why do you need friends on Facebook?

There are many reasons why you’d want a large friend list on Facebook. Apart from being seen as the most popular person in town, one of the main reason why you’d want a lot of friends on Facebook is to jump start your online business with attention and to drive early traffic.

Getting attention is really difficult in the online world. Especially nowadays, considering that a lot of people are starting to get used to working from home (thanks largely to the pandemic).

The best way to stand out from the noise is to have a large audience. When you can generate a lot of attention and interest towards your business, that’s when the magic happens.

Traffic is also a major component and the fuel that runs almost every online business. Without traffic, you would never make a single cent.

With a large audience on Facebook, it makes it that much easier to build your personal brand and eventually make a sizeable income from.

Adding friends every single day is a tedious and manual process. Also having to factor in that you could get banned if you add too many people a day. You can only add 20 – 30 people per day if you want to stay on the safe side.

The great thing is, there is no limit on the number of friend requests you can accept. If you get 100 friend requests, you can accept them all in one sitting without any issues with Facebook whatsoever.

So, let’s now look at the actual steps to follow so that you could be getting hundreds of friend requests per day.

Steps to making friends on Facebook without sending request

If you’re looking to get a large number of people to send you friend requests on Facebook, follow these steps below.

Give people a reason to add you

Believe it or not, people are selfish. It’s not me being all emotional or anything. It’s just nature. We tend to invest into things that would give us a benefit in return. Like when you invest into college, you do it so that you can get a high paying job in the future. Or if you invest into bitcoin or the housing market, you’re doing it in the hopes of making profit of some kind.

The same thing is true online. When people see that you can help them in some way, they would be willing to subscribe to you in some way. This could be done through signing up on your email list or subscribing to your YouTube channel.

In this case, we’re more concerned with getting Facebook friend requests.

The only way to get more friends without sending friend requests is to give people a reason to add you to their friend list.

You need to think about what is their incentive in having you in their world? How can you help them in some way?

Maybe you’re an expert with training dogs and you want to help other people train their dogs.

You would then want to optimize your Facebook profile to be geared more towards what dog lovers would love to see rather than posts filled with selfies of yourself with random obvious filters.

You will want to optimize both the cover photo and your profile photo. These are usually the first thing people see when they first land on your profile. You need to blow their socks off at first sight.

Your cover photo could be you surrounded by dogs. You’ll need to put yourself in the shoes of your future potential friend. Think what elements in the cover photo would have piqued your interest if you had come across someone else’s profile.

Another thing you should do with your cover photo is add a call-to-action to invite them to become your friend. Adding people you don’t know as a friend can be an awkward situation and even more awkward if you get rejected.

Make the decision easy for them so that they don’t feel awkward. For example, you could have text on your cover photo that says something like “Connect with me if you want to learn more awesome dog tricks”.

This helps to lessen the resistance to get people to send you friend requests.

Another call to action could be to invite them to add you as a friend and they will receive some kind of reward for doing this. Maybe a free eBook, cheat sheet or some other lead magnet.

With your profile photo, it’s best to keep it natural and yourself. Try not to make it look commercial or salesy in any way. Just a real photo of yourself without any filters to show you as a normal everyday person. Your looking to increase likeability and make people relate to you better.

Join targeted Facebook Groups

While making your Facebook profile look fancy can help make it a no-brainer for people to add you, it won’t get you friend requests unless people can find you.

If your profile is new, or you don’t have a large friend list, or just the fact that you haven’t been so active with posting, Facebook will not promote you and suggest you to other people.

Initially, you’ll need to go out and look for these people.

The best source for that is Facebook Groups.

You need to seek out groups where your ideal friends are.

Start by going to your groups feed and then simply search for groups related to your niche using the search bar.

There can be thousands of Facebook Groups related to your niche. When you look to join Facebook Groups, only look for groups that are active and engaged.

There are so many groups out there that are just spammy and unengaged. You’ll know when you’ve come across a spammy group when people are just promoting their own products and services and not really contributing anything useful to the group.

Active and engaged groups are the ones that have people posting things that are relevant, on topic and would have other people commenting and having a fruitful discussion.

Contribute with valuable posts

Once you’ve joined a few groups, it’s time to get yourself immersed in these groups.

This is no different to making friends in real life.

Post things in groups that are useful, helpful, entertaining and overall, just provides great value to your group.

Commenting on other people’s posts also works like a charm, especially when they need help with something and you know how to help them.

Your goal here is to become a familiar face in these groups. The more you turn up to these groups, the more people will start to grow their like-ability towards you.

You’ll find that over time, people will start sending you friend requests organically. This can snowball over time, especially when you post really valuable content in these groups.

Learning the skills of content marketing can work a charm to growing your friends list. Check out this post to learn more about content marketing.

Have conversations with people on Messenger

When you’ve started to become an active member of some of your niche Facebook groups, you will start to see some familiar faces as well.

This would be a good time to reach out and start a conversation with them on Messenger. You don’t need to add them as a friend to do this.

You can simply send a message like “Hey, I’m a part of the ___ group. I saw some of the great content you’ve put out there and just wanted to reach out and say hi.”

For the most part, that should be enough. You could even go simpler and just send “Hi, I’m a part of the ___ group.” That would work, but it’s always better to give a bit of a reason why you’re messaging.

Imagine if you reached out to someone in a new real-life community group like that. It would work, but it’s a little random.

When you reach out to a number of people this way, some of them are bound to get back to you.

From the ones that get back to you, a few of them will start and forth conversation with you. At this point, that friend request will come naturally.

You might not need to do all the outreach yourself. As you contribute more in groups, you’ll also find people reaching out to you via Messenger. You could also copy their template for your future outreach.

Start a Facebook Group yourself

This approach can work really awesome and get you a huge number of friend requests in a short amount of time.

But it isn’t so easy.

The idea is to start your own Facebook Group on something you’re really passionate about.

At the same time, make your group stand out from all the other similar groups out there. It doesn’t have to be more awesome than the other groups. It just has to be a little bit unique, maybe through your personality or the way you deliver value.

Invite your existing friends to join the group and once you have a bit of engagement going on within the group, the algorithms will push your group to even more strangers.

The goal of the group is to grow it into a community of people who are passionate about your niche.

So much so that they post value on your behalf and keep it active and engaged.

From the people that join your group, some of them would want to reach out and connect with the founder of the group.

In your case, this would help you get more friend requests. You could potentially get hundreds of friend requests per day.

Again though, this isn’t easy. There is a whole amount of work that needs to be done to grow an active and targeted Facebook group.

Add a CTA in other places online

If you have a blog, website, YouTube channel or a following on any other social media platform, you can always leverage that to get more friends on Facebook without sending requests.

For example, at the end of your YouTube video, you can have a call-to-action (CTA) to get people to connect with you on Facebook and include a link to your Facebook profile.

You can also do this with your blog or any other place that you’re active on.

It can be a great way to grow your friends list in a short amount of time.

That’s it!

This is currently one of the best ways to make friends on Facebook without sending requests that is actually working. I’m sure this will continue to stay relevant for years to come.

If you keep sticking to this every day for about one to two months, you are likely going to experience a huge surge in people sending you friend requests daily.