If you’re getting started with an online business of any kind, you’ll probably know exactly how difficult it is to drive traffic and sales.

In this post, I’m going to share a new Facebook organic marketing strategy that will help you drive targeted traffic that can catapult your online business to the next level without spending a dime on ads. Best of all, it’s a perfect strategy if you’re just starting out.

The Ultimate Facebook Organic Marketing Strategy To Drive Traffic And Sales

Why is it so hard to drive targeted traffic online?

There’s really only two methods to driving targeted traffic online:

  • Paid methods like Facebook or Google ads.
  • Free methods like SEO or building an email list.

Paid ads have the advantage that they can potentially give you instant traffic. However, it can get super expensive super fast. Definitely not recommended if you’re just starting out.

Free methods are awesome in that they can give you long term traffic for years to come. However on the flip side, it could potentially take years to start seeing results unless you really know what you’re doing.

What are the methods of doing marketing on Facebook organically?

The current method of doing marketing organically via Facebook is to utilize Facebook pages. The idea is to get people to like the page and when you put out a post on your page, your audience would see it. This would allow you to market your offerings to your audience organically without paying, but bear in mind, that organic reach on Facebook has been declining.

Another method of doing organic marketing on Facebook is to utilize targeted Facebook Groups. You would join groups related to your niche. Then you would contribute value to the group in order to avoid being spammy. If the group rules permit promotion, you would then create posts about your offerings.

The third method is to use the new Facebook organic marketing strategy that seems to be popular in 2021. We’ll look into this in more detail a little later.

Is Facebook Organic Marketing Dead?

When people talk about Facebook organic marketing being dead, it’s almost always related to Facebook pages.

These pages are mostly used by businesses.

Over time, Facebook has tweaked its algorithms to favor content from friends/family over businesses.

This meant that if a business had millions of followers to their Facebook page, it would still be meaningless as only a small percentage would see any new posts. Businesses no longer truly “owned” their followers anymore.

So in that regard, yes.

Facebook organic marketing is dead. For Facebook business pages!

Due to the declining reach of organic page posts, businesses were pretty much forced into the pay-to-play model.

Even more recently though, Facebook started getting super sensitive about businesses using their ad platform. This meant that millions of businesses who relied on paid Facebook ads to keep their business running had to shut shop overnight as Facebook started banning accounts without really giving much reason. It could be as simple as a word like “money” being against their terms of service. A super difficult time for businesses especially during the pandemic.

This had even affected me!

I’d relied on Facebook ads to drive traffic to one of my other sites but all of a sudden I’d been shut down without much reason being given.

Here is a vent post I created about this a while back.

Due to this, I began my so-called quest to find alternative ways to drive traffic and continue to build my online business.

I’ve been looking into affiliate marketing and have been promoting an amazing product called Kartra which I think will be an amazing offer for my audience.

I then came across this new Facebook organic marketing strategy which seems to be gaining more traction with many digital marketers now in 2021. This strategy is free, works effectively well, and seems to be encouraged by Facebook.

The Facebook Organic Marketing Strategy Explained

So just a full disclaimer first. This strategy isn’t mine. It was taught to me by one of my good mentors and is something that I’m seeing being used more often nowadays.

Having said that though, there’s not a whole lot of people that know about this strategy still.

You can still get in on a strategy that is considered new and take full advantage of it.

So, what is the Facebook organic marketing strategy?

It’s all about building your own personal brand.

This makes it many times easier to sell whatever it is that you’re trying to sell; affiliate products, physical products, digital products like online courses, local or digital services and so on.

When it comes to building a super profitable online business, there’s really 4 things you need to look at:

  • Branding
  • Building an audience
  • Providing value
  • Promoting offers (that is, that thing you want to sell and make money with)

In almost any successful business model, you’ll see these 4 elements being used.

For example, think about your favorite YouTube influencer. That YouTuber who puts out amazing content that makes you super excited waiting for their next video to come out.

Think about how they are using the 4 elements above.

  • Branding – They may have a nice looking YouTube channel banner with a call-to-action to subscribe. Perhaps they have a common phrase that they say at the end of the beginning of the video. Those kinds of things.
  • Building an audience – How are they driving traffic? Maybe a call-to-action to subscribe to the channel so they get notifications for every new video upload. Maybe they have an email list where they drop a link to their latest video. Perhaps a shoutout from another YouTuber influencer. And so on.
  • Providing value – This might be obvious, but each video they post out provides value to their viewers. Otherwise, they wouldn’t stick around.
  • Promoting offers – Although they may make money with Adsense, it’s almost likely they also promote products like merchandise, t-shirts, online courses and affiliate products.

The last step of promoting offers is super easy for them and they don’t struggle to make sales compared to a beginner.

It’s the same for any other type of online business model; bloggers, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

In fact, beginners tend to only do the last step (promoting offers) without branding, building an audience or providing any value. This can come across as annoying, desperate and spammy.

So how does our Facebook organic marketing strategy tie into all of this?

Well actually, it’s the same thing!

But you would use your own personal Facebook profile to begin with.

Let’s now go into detail how you would incorporate the Facebook organic marketing strategy for yourself.

Start building your personal brand

Create a nice looking Facebook profile cover photo with a call-to-action to whatever it is you’re promoting.

Put a natural looking cover photo of yourself. No stock photos!

When you publish posts on your wall, try and use photos of yourself as much as you can. Remember, you’re trying to increase your personal brand. You want people to see you as much as possible. The more people see you, the more likely they will end up liking you and trusting you (and eventually buying from you!).

How do I grow an organic audience on Facebook?

adding friends

Organic reach via Facebook pages may be dead. However, it isn’t dead via your personal profile.

At this stage, you need to build a targeted audience who would likely need whatever it you’re selling and eventually buying from you.

So how do you find your targeted audience?

Well, exactly the same way like Russell Brunson mentioned: Go to where your target audience hangs out.

In terms of Facebook, this means joining active and private Facebook groups related to your niche.

After that, start sending friend requests to add people into “your world” everyday.

Bear in mind, that Facebook has a limit of 5000 friends. However, if you’re at this stage, you should be branching out to a Facebook Group.

How do I increase organic traffic on Facebook?

post valuable content

The best way to increase organic traffic and provide value at the same time, is to post valuable content. Both on your own profile wall as well as in related Facebook groups.

You’ll want to create engaging and helpful type of posts that actually help and provide real value to people.

Think of it like a mini-blog but without you having to care about keyword, SEO, backlinking and all that other stuff. Your only goal is to keep them engaged.

You can also look at giving stuff away for free in order to provide real value.

This is similar to a lead magnet that you would usually give away in exchange for someone’s email address. I would argue that this is not as valuable nowadays as almost everyone does this and rarely does the lead magnet provide true value. It’s almost obvious that people are just using the lead magnet as a cheap hook for an email address so they can spam them with offers.

When you give away valuable stuff away on your Facebook profile, your aim isn’t to get them onto your list, it’s to keep them.

You would be best off creating about 30 different posts and recycling them again and again to keep your business running. This is mainly due to your posts disappearing from your audience’s wall after a few days.

When starting out, it’s advisable that you post at least once per day.

Also, it would be best to message people that you add and interact with them. This actually helps increase your organic reach over time. It’s a snowball effect.

How can I get more views on Facebook without paying?

Posts on your wall or on Facebook Groups can’t be boosted with ads. With this Facebook organic marketing strategy, you don’t pay for traffic and views ever.

So what’s the best way to drive more views to your Facebook profile?

Keep adding friends daily and accept friends if they are a good fit for what you offer.

As you keep putting out valuable posts on your profile and in Groups, you will naturally attract people who check out your profile and would want to connect with you.

It would eventually come to a point where Facebook would then promote your profile and you would start getting a large number of people sending friend requests to you.

You’d then experience more views to your posts and videos as your audience increases and the number of post shares increase to people outside of your audience.

How do I promote my products and offers using the Facebook organic marketing strategy?

promoting offers

The final piece of the puzzle is to promote your products and offers.

Assuming you now have a large audience of targeted Facebook friends and have been posting amazing content daily, you can now start promoting your offers.

The best way to do this is to post out a text post asking them a question like “who wants to see my new way of [benefit of your offer]”. For example, if I have a course about filmmaking for beginners that I want to promote, I would put out a short post on my wall like “who wants to learn an easy way to start making movies as a beginner?”

For people who respond that they are interested, you would then message them and send a link to your offer. That’s it!

If you’ve done the hard work of building your audience and providing value, you should be able to make easy sales doing this. You’ve already built that know, like and trust. So in theory, you should have a much easier time making sales.

Your conversion rates should actually be much higher than the standard industry average.

You just need to be consistent in following through with the Facebook organic marketing strategy.

consistency in applying the Facebook organic marketing strategy

So in summary, Facebook has changed a lot.

This new Facebook organic marketing strategy will help you drive targeted traffic and grow your online business to new heights.

If you stick to the strategy consistently, you’ll grow your brand and authority which in turn will make it easier for you to drive traffic and sales on autopilot.

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