Are you struggling to drive a considerable amount of targeted buyer traffic to any of your products or services? Tried Facebook or Google ads with little to no success? Or perhaps you’re new to all this and looking for long-term success. In this post, I’m going to break down exactly how you can get an immense amount of targeted traffic to your products (whether it be your website, blog, service, online course, or affiliate offers) starting from scratch without spending on social media or paid ad strategies. The strategy will work well for long term traffic and we won’t cover anything technical.

Driving Massive Targeted Buyer Traffic To Any Product

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My previous failure

A few years ago, I created an online course on my own website. The course was not in a saturated niche. In my opinion, I thought I created the best possible online course and people would scream “shut up and take my money”. I had a beautiful looking landing page, fast loading times and a smooth checkout system (thanks to Podia). But on the day of my course launch…crickets. Not a single sale.

I tried Facebook ads and it burnt through my wallet so quickly that I felt Facebook was a total scam. I also tried Google ads and felt it was a scam. Tried Udimi and felt it was a scam. I tried posting it on Reddit and was downvoted to oblivion. I tried begging people by posting on forums but not one bite. I sent a number of emails to my email list but only got a few opens and nothing more.

Getting traffic was REALLY difficult and felt so draining. At this point, I thought the only reason why my online course wasn’t selling was probably because it was terrible and no-one really needed it.

I then put the same course up on Udemy. And BAM! I started getting sales from day one. I didn’t do any marketing other than basic SEO with my titles, descriptions, etc.

How was it that Udemy was easily getting traffic and sales to my course but I was struggling hard? It felt great earning something but I didn’t feel satisfied with it. Partly due to the fact that Udemy massively discounts courses on their platform, for which you only receive a percentage of that. But mainly due to the fact that I don’t own the student list, so I don’t really know who my students are. I felt this strong urge to go out there and find out what exactly was Udemy were doing to generate traffic to their products and getting sales without breaking a sweat.

This didn’t only apply to online courses. This also applied to any kind of product being sold online such as physical eCommerce products and affiliate products to name a few. I dipped my toes and failed hard on those products as well. Being an IT guy, I felt naturally motivated to go and find out. And so I set on my journey…

Why you aren’t getting sales?

Maybe you’ve experienced something similar to me. You’ve probably tried dropshipping on your own store and struggled to get a single sale no matter what marketing strategy you followed. Yet when you put the same product up on Amazon, it sells without you really doing anything. So why are you struggling to sell the product?

The obvious answer is:

You are not getting traffic to your product.

To be more specific:

You are not getting targeted traffic to your product.

Note how I put the word “targeted” in bold. It’s no use generating traffic to a product if they don’t care about it. You could generate millions of visitors to a product, but if they aren’t targeted and don’t really need your product, you’re not going to make sales.

For instance, if you’re trying to sell a high end lip stick brand, and get a ton of traffic from guys who are into bodybuilding and going to the gym to get ripped, you’re probably not going to make sales (unless they plan to buy it as a gift to their girlfriend).

So the reason you’re not making any sales is, well, they never see your product to know whether it even exists.

The world is huge. Your tiny email list and following does not account for 1%, or even 0.001% of the entire population. Someone who is desperate for your product can look all over the internet for you, but they can never find you.

The second reason is (perhaps not so obvious):

You have competition.

If you’re selling something that’s already out there, why would someone buy it from you?

This is perhaps the BIGGEST reason why most people do not make sales online. There is way too much competition out there.

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the consumer. Say I want to buy product X which you offer. I go on Google and search “buy product X”. Google search returns a page full of different websites offering the exact same product X.

So which one do you think I will choose? Perhaps I would go and click through a few links to see which one would offer me the best rate, or if there’s any discount or perks (like free shipping and returns). Perhaps some sites might offer some bonuses (like buy product X and get product Y for free). You can always try to impress me by adding in a bunch of perks and bonuses and drastically cutting the price, but there is always going to be competition and it doesn’t take much for someone else to add more benefits than you.

In fact, bigger brands would pay more to stay on the front page of Google and not let you appear in the first few pages of Google in an attempt to keep competition away. If you’re not on the first few pages of Google, you may as well be invisible.

Competition, is the death of any online business.

You could run paid ads, which can be a great way to make at least some sales, but it really doesn’t stop someone like me from going to Google and comparing for the best price. Nowadays, due to all this retargeting ad stuff, I get like 20 people showing me ads to the same (or similar) products. I’m spoilt for choice. Unless you give me a real reason to buy from you, I’m probably not.

So does it mean you can’t sell competitive products then? No, and I’m about to show you just below.

This naturally leads us to the third reason why you’re not getting sales:

People do not trust you.

In my opinion, this is probably the single biggest reason why you can’t sell *anything* online.

People do not trust you. Or they do not trust you enough.

If I’ve never heard about you before, why would I fork out my cash and buy from you?

Realistically, I’m going to search the internet and find someone that looks trustworthy and buy from them. And how do I determine if someone appears trustworthy? Personally, I’d go search them up on Google and see what other people say about them. If they have so many pages about them, including reviews, large followings on Facebook or YouTube and any other kind of presence, their trustworthy factor keeps going up.

I’d then check reviews of the product they offer and see what other people say about the product. I’m relying on other people’s feedback to determine if the brand and the product is trustworthy. If it is, I’m probably going to buy.

And that’s where I think Udemy has been successful. When I tried to sell online courses on my own website, I didn’t experience much sales. That’s because I had no trust from the people I was targeting. They don’t know who I am and I guess they’re a little suspicious of me. There wasn’t even any kind of public review available on my course.

But Udemy has already established itself as the number 1 trusted online course marketplace in the world. People already know about Udemy and trust Udemy for online learning. Even though I created the course, they’re going to associate the course under Udemy’s branding. So they’re much more likely to buy without Udemy having to really break any sweat marketing my course.

This applies to any product. If you run a brand new dropship store, how are you going to convince someone to buy from you if they never heard of you before? People browsing your store could be a little suspicious and think you could be scamming them for their money. Yet, if you put a product listing up on Amazon, their trust factor is much higher as they associate your product to Amazon’s brand and confidently assume they won’t be scammed.

Why you aren’t getting traffic?

If you’re not getting traffic to your product’s landing page, you are not getting to make any sales ever.

No matter how good your product offer is, how well optimized your landing pages, how awesome your copywriting is and so on.

Even if you’ve hit the last 2 points above as well (competition and trust).

If you’re not getting traffic, you’re not going to get any sales.

So why exactly aren’t you getting that juicy massive traffic to your product?

Let’s start right at the beginning.

You probably don’t have your target audience’s attention.

Your product needs to be packaged in a way that grabs attention. This is related to creating eye-catching headlines, engaging copy and messaging that speaks to your targeted audience.

If your messaging doesn’t resonate with your targeted audience, you are not going to get that click through and traffic to your product page.

If people scroll past your content (such as Facebook post, YouTube video, blog post, ads) in their social media feeds, then you haven’t captured their attention well. You’ve really got to make your content stand out and grab people’s attention. This should be the first thing you need to consider in your marketing strategy usually.

If you’re trying Facebook ads and not happy with traffic, it’s probably because you don’t have their attention. People are scrolling past your ad as they are blind to it. It might look like every other ad out there.

If you’re trying to get traffic from Google or YouTube, you probably are targeting highly competitive keywords and thus not appearing on the first 3 pages when people search for the product.

Even if you find some shady blackhat way to get a lot of traffic, they likely won’t be buyer traffic who are keen to buy your product.

The secrets to ACTUALLY driving massive targeted buyer traffic to your product

We’ve looked at what’s stopping you from getting sales and traffic.

Now let’s get to the interesting part, what you need to do get traffic and sales to your product.

Even if the product is new or your brand is new.

We’ll look at how you can start driving massive targeted buyer traffic daily which can increase your chances of making sales.

And we look at only free or cheap methods to doing so.

Increase Trust

First thing you want to do is increase trust in your product and brand.

Let’s start with brand.

People do not know anything about you when you first start out. So to increase trust, we need to first get people knowing about you.

We first want Google to know about you.

Assuming you’ve got a website, you’ll want to first setup Google Analytics and also setup Google Search Console for your website.

Then you’ll want to give away your product for free to a few people.

Yes, that’s right.

Give it away for free.

It might be a difficult pill to swallow at first.

But when someone doesn’t know you well, you can increase your trustworthiness by giving your product for free and getting some early reviews.

If you really don’t want to give away your product for free, then you should create mini-content (like blog posts, mini-courses, lead magnets, eBooks, etc) for free and keep doing this several times.

The best way to increase trust and get people to like you is to give away stuff to them for free and to keep doing it.

Ideally keep giving away free stuff long term, even after you’ve become established.

This works so well to build the trust level of a brand so much!

If you follow YouTube stars, there’s a channel called MrBeast. The channel has a lot of videos about giving away huge amounts of money to strangers on the street or online. There’s also videos of giving away an entire store worth of expensive goods like TVs and Xbox consoles for free to random locals. Rarely anyone does that! It’s only helped to increase the likeability of MrBeast. As a result, the channel is now one of the fastest YouTube channels in the world and the huge earnings are a nice reward for it.

Oprah and Ellen increased their likeability and also the trustworthiness of their own brand by giving away free things to their audience members as well as to random strangers on the streets.

The point is, if you create something of high value that people will actually pay for and then give it away for free to your target audience, you increase the trust factor naturally for your brand.

This is a secret that not many newer brands know about.

Also, during the early stages, if you can reach out to people personally, that can help increase the trust factor a lot.

People feel more comfortable buying things from other people (rather than a faceless brand). So when you create a more personal connection with your target audience, your trust factor goes up as well. Even a simple hello can work wonders for gaining trust. Have actual conversations and actually get to know them. You’re not an enterprise. You’re just starting out. You could use a few personal ambassadors to recommend your business and potentially explode your business.

If there’s any tangible goal you should aim for, it’s to get more email addresses. Not sales.

I repeat, you should only focus on getting more email addresses and conversations with people. Don’t think about sales. That is a natural side effect when you help more people.

Become Omnipresent

Be everywhere your target audience is.

You really have to know who your target audience is. Where they hang out online (or even offline).

If they hang out on Facebook Groups, then you need to hang out there too. If they hang out on Reddit, then you need to hang out there too. If there are forums where they discuss topics you have solutions for, then you can hang out there too.

The point is to contribute value, help others and become a part of the group where they hang out. You would never post your product links in these groups until you’ve become a known name in your group.

If you go the paid ad route, you could have Facebook ads, Youtube ads, Google ads and perhaps Twitter ads all running at the same time retargeting the same person so that they see you all over the internet.

This can help a lot with trust factor as well, as you’d come across as almost like a celebrity.

If you do blogging, then do guest posts on similar blogs so that your target audience sees you on all blogs they follow.

If you do a YouTube channel, then collaborate with other similar YouTubers.

And so on.

The point is, as long as you appear everywhere to your target audience, the more likely they will trust you and buy from you eventually.

Eventually, even Google will notice you and start generating more traffic for you on their own as you get slowly pushed to first page rankings for some keywords.

If this seems like a lot of work, there is a much faster way to do this. Expert marketer Chris Munch covers this in his free training. If you’re interested, go ahead and click here to register for his free training.

Eliminate Competition

Eliminating competition can help you make more sales but you can STILL get sales even with competition.

How exactly?

If people like and trust you and your brand, then they will only buy from you even if there is competition and a better offer elsewhere.

Having said that, competition is a problem when you are starting out as the trust factor for your competitors is already much higher than the trust factor towards you.

You either need to do something really amazing to get them to trust in your brand instead.

That can be difficult, especially if your competitors are multi-million dollar brands who are much more established.

So the easiest way to get more trust and thus more sales, is to eliminate your competition.

There are two ways you can eliminate your competition.

Either get a team of people with baseball bats and go crazy on your competition.

Or the more realistic way, look for unique angles at selling your product that no-one else has thought of and aim to master it.

For instance, if you attempt to get traffic to an online course on “How to Make Money Online”, there are already tons of brands out there that will destroy you and render you invisible.

But if you pivot your online course with a unique angle such as “How to Make Money Online for Single Men into Gaming”, then you’ve eliminated a lot of competition and you know better who your target audience is.

How to Drive Massive Targeted Buyer Traffic

For long term traffic, your aim should be focused on Google (or even YouTube).

Your goal is to appear on at least the first 3 pages of Google. If you don’t appear on the first 3 pages, then you may as well be invisible as people rarely go past page 3.

Hopefully, if you’ve been giving out free stuff consistently, become more omnipresent by having your content seen everywhere your target audience hangs out and ultimately reduced a lot of competition for your product, then you have a good chance to rank well on Google and keep getting traffic long term.

In order to get more targeted traffic on Google, it’s important to follow the basics of SEO.

You’ll need to make use of long-tail keywords (keywords that are longer and thus not too competitive). For example, “weight loss” is way too competitive and you’ll be shut out by multi-million dollar brands. However, “buy weight loss supplement for diabetics type 2” would cut off the competition by a lot! This leaves you with a chance to rank for a specific keyword.

On top of that, there is buyer intent in the keywords. The words “buy” or “discount” can indicate someone who is willing to buy the product and ready to handover their cash. Unlike the term “weight loss” where there could be people who are just looking for general tips on weight loss and have no intention to buy.

Don’t be phased by low monthly keyword search volumes on Google’s Keyword Planner. If you keep putting out free content targeting loads of long-tail keywords, that traffic can quickly add up. Each of the content can link or have a call-to-action to your product.

Final points

So that’s it! Focus on building your brand’s trustworthiness by giving away stuff for free, having personal connections, and becoming more omnipresent so that your target market starts to know more about you. Then you focus on your product and make it unique or at least stand out to reduce competition. Finally, you can use Google SEO to target buyer traffic and have them more likely to check out your product page and buy.

There are a lot more tactics and strategies that I did not cover in this post that can help you to grow your brand. I’ll cover them in future posts.

In the meantime, I highly recommend you check out Chris Munch’s new advanced training on how to generate huge targeted traffic to any product or offer and how you could do it easily even if you’re a beginner. In as little as 2 months, you can start to experience real growth. This has worked immensely for myself. There are no Facebook or Google ads. Everything covered is organic with traffic and sales coming in long term.

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