In the year 2022, marketing will see a significant revolution. Are you up for the challenge? Throughout this post, I’ll go through the good and the not-so-good changes that will take place in digital marketing in 2022.

Let’s first look at the good.

The Good

The goods offered directly to the customer is a good place to start.

E-commerce stores will continue to benefit from digital marketing. Sales made directly to consumers in the United States, including both digitally native and established businesses, accounted for 14.4% of total retail e-commerce sales last year.

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As a result of the outbreak, many people who had previously been reluctant to shop online have now begun to do so.

That means you must get online and press the button if you haven’t already. And in the world of business, we’re seeing a substantial rise in the number of people using the internet to identify local legal firms, dentists, and other offline services.

In 2022, we may expect to witness a significant increase in the use of voice search, and this trend is projected to continue.

This tendency has continued throughout the pandemic months.

We’ve found that 6 percent of all voice searches are for commerce, which is a clear indication of how popular voice searches for commerce are.

For example, if your clients are pushing for voice search commerce, or you are a business owner who sells things on voice search, make sure you are also taking advantage of the technology yourself.

As a bonus, using voice search to drive more listeners to your podcast or website is a great way to increase your audience. You should take advantage of this trend because it will bring you new visitors that you otherwise would not have.

In addition to the surge in popularity of live videos, we are also seeing a noteworthy trend. Netflix and Disney channels are losing viewers because of a lack of compelling programming.

As a result, many of these institutions are on the search for live programming since they cannot keep up with demand. When compared to before the pandemic, the performance of live content has increased by roughly 13%.

Make sure you’re using live content as a result. With the help of platforms like Restream, you can go after a live and hungry audience on all the major livestreaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube livestreaming.

This can help build an engaged and captivated audience straight from the outset. On the day of your broadcast, this will allow you to perform better and reach a greater audience across all the major platforms.

The Not-So-Good

Let’s shift gears and focus on the negative aspects of things. More niches are likely to see an influx of new competitors in the future. It will take longer and be harder to see results now that businesses have been forced to go online as a result of the lockdowns.

It will also take more effort and patience on your part.

Cookies are being phased out in browsers like Chrome, which is somewhat disappointing.

Small organisations who don’t buy a lot of data will have a harder time implementing personalization. When faced with this predicament, here’s what you should do. On the iPhone, you shouldn’t worry about any changes such as the Apple iOS update. This has resulted in me spending less money on Facebook because of the platform’s inability to target my audience effectively.

However, these are things that you have no control over and realistically, it should be left to platforms like Facebook, Apple and Google. They are beyond your or my power to address.

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What you should be doing instead is adopting omni-channel platforms, which means leveraging all of the available channels to reach your customers.

Building a company around a single distribution channel used to be straightforward. As a result of an increased email invitation flow, Facebook’s user base has increased. Their original email was something along the lines of “Hello user, John has invited you to join Facebook. Please go here to accept his offer”. This had initially helped Facebook grow to the level it has become today.

However, that strategy no longer works and any attempt to do something like that now will end up straight into the spam bin.

It’s important that you utilize all of your available channels so that when one stops working effectively or one channel goes down, you can still continue marketing with minimal impact on your business.

The second thing you must do is make use of conversion rate optimization, which is becoming increasingly prevalent as marketing becomes more competitive and expensive. This gives you the ability to spend more money on sponsored advertising and grow faster.

Your average order value per client can be boosted by doing upsells and/or downsells. This is regardless of whether you’re in the business of providing services or merchandising actual items.

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Your service-based company should add new items and services to its repertoire to keep customers coming back and stay on board for the long term. As a result, you’ll be able to boost the lifetime value of your customers and spend more time and energy on digital marketing.

If you want to be ready in 2022 and beyond, you should do exactly that.

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