In the wake of COVID-19, many people are thinking about starting new businesses. There is a lot of opportunity for growth in this space. The problem is that there are so many choices and it can be difficult to determine which path to take. In this post, we will discuss some unique business ideas that will thrive after COVID-19 without needing much startup capital or experience!

Business Ideas That Will Thrive After COVID-19

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Mental health

As more people get accustomed to working from home, it is important to have access to mental health resources. There are a variety of apps, services and consultations that can help you work through your problems before they become too big and interfere with productivity or everyday life.

Meal kits

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The meal kit industry has grown rapidly over the last few years as more people opt for convenience at home rather than going out for dinner. This business idea requires very little startup capital, but could provide a nice income stream!

Some examples of meal kit businesses that have been exploding recently are Plated and HelloFresh.

All you need to do is prepare some meals, take interesting photos of the process and deliver them fresh weekly or monthly!

Disaster recovery consulting

With COVID-19 causing so much havoc across North America, there will likely be some businesses interested in improving their disaster preparedness plans after seeing how quickly things went south during this pandemic outbreak event. You would not need any prior experience (though having some would definitely help) and could potentially start the business with minimal costs!

Concierge consulting

With a number of businesses shutting down after Covid-19, there are plenty of people looking for other sources of income. A concierge business is one such opportunity that requires little startup capital or experience but can provide customers with great service in return!

Pet sitting/boarding

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As more people get sick from COVID-19, those who are able might opt to take their pets elsewhere while they recover at home. This will require some startup costs as you need to purchase supplies like kennels and food bowls; however this is also an incredibly flexible business idea which does not necessarily have high expenses (aside from licensing, if necessary).

Bike & golf cart rentals

With the majority of people stuck at home and unable to go out for fun, renting bikes or carts could provide a nice source of income. If you have some capital in your savings account then this business idea would be ideal as it requires low startup costs.

AI and automation

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With less people out and about, AI has become more prevalent for companies as it is easier to process data and analyze trends. If you have the programming or technical skills, consider offering your services in this area to businesses during a time when they are desperate for additional help!

Blockchain consulting

With COVID-19 causing so much disruption (and probably some long term effects), there will be plenty of people interested in how blockchain technology can improve their business practices moving forward. This idea requires no prior experience and low startup costs; however having knowledge on both blockchain and Covid-19 would certainly help here!

Livestreaming services

Video consumption peaked during COVID-19, so there will likely be a lot of people looking to start livestreaming their gaming or other activities. If you have the know-how, consider starting a new business in the education, entertainment or medical field that can offer livestream or augmented reality experiences!

Delivery services

This is really starting to get popular in North America, with food delivery services like DoorDash or Uber Eats. You could start up your own business that does deliveries of other products and have a pretty easy time getting customers due to the crisis!

With lockdowns preventing people from going out and about, certain businesses will have a captive audience for their goods or services. If you know how to provide any of the above in an interesting manner then consider this an amazing business idea!

Catering/food truck

Another popular option during COVID-19 is catering – as it’s easier on people who are ill from H-E if you can bring them their meal rather than asking them to get out of bed and cook something themselves. If you want another source of income while you recover at home, consider starting a catering business or food truck.

This would allow you to provide a service to those who are sick or unable while also providing an income. You would need some startup capital for equipment and supplies, but this is generally a low cost.

Remote learning

As more people are now looking to permanently work from home, this could be a great opportunity to start offering online courses that teach others how to work from home or provide other necessary business skills. You would need some knowledge of the industry you are teaching in, but otherwise there is no prior experience required and startup costs might not be too high!

The eLearning industry is at an all-time high at the moment and it will only continue to climb in the coming years. You could potentially create an online course business to cash in on this.

Virtual assistant consulting

Another entry on our list which requires no experience; virtual assistant consulting is a great way to make money right from your own home!

You do not need any prior knowledge or experience, but it might be nice if you have some skill in the area as this can provide more opportunities for clients.

A lot of businesses in particular will need virtual assistance due to the fact that many employees are unable to come into work due to COVID-19.

Remote customer support

Another idea that requires no prior experience and low startup costs – remote customer support could help people who are sick at home get back on their feet by offering assistance via email, chat rooms etc. This would essentially allow customers to receive “help” without having to actually leave their homes too often which will likely have better results than traditional customer service lines.

E-commerce stores

With so many online retailers closing down after COVID-19 hit, there’s an opportunity here for those with the resources to open a new e-commerce store. This would require some knowledge of how the industry works, but otherwise you could start up your own business for relatively low costs!

A lot of people will be looking for ways to improve their health in the wake of Covid-19, so if you have some knowledge about healthy living and can sell products that help with those needs then this could be a great business idea! Bear in mind, health in general is a very fierce niche, so you would be up against some really fierce competition.

Some of the popular eCommerce niches you can look into include beauty, fashion and home goods.

Virtual reality/augmented reality

vr, virtual, virtual reality

More people are now convinced that VR and AR will be big in the coming years; this is another area where you can find freelance work or even set yourself up as an independent consultant with just enough prior experience. There won’t be many competitors at first due to Covid-19 so it’s definitely worth looking into if you have any prior skills here!

Some examples of how you could use VR in the coming years include:

  • Virtual tours
  • Educational experiences

You might not have heard of augmented reality but it’s a pretty big market and many people are starting to become interested in the possibilities. Some examples include:

  • AR training courses for employees
  • Interactive university lessons
  • Real estate virtual walkthroughs where you can see what your new house would look like with different furniture etc. You could even use this technology on a smaller scale such as using an app that lets customers virtually try on clothes before they go shopping!

Communication services

As the world becomes more isolated, the need for human contact and communication will increase.

This could also tie in with AI and virtual reality, but there could be potential here to start a business that can help people alleviate feelings of loneliness by getting people together virtually.

So there we go folks – 17 unique and new business ideas that could provide huge benefits during Covid-19 and beyond. As always, if you want more information on any of these topics please feel free to follow us on social media (links below) or leave me a comment here with questions 🙂

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We hope this post helped point you in the right direction when it comes to starting up your own business after COVID-19; thank you so much for reading!