Looking for the best AI writing software? Look no further! In this post, we will discuss the 10 best AI-based writing tools that are available today. These tools can help you write better content faster and more efficiently.

Some of these tools even have features that can help you improve your grammar and spelling.

So, whether you are a professional writer or just someone who wants to improve their writing skills, these tools will be sure to help!

Best AI Writing Software

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Top 3 Best AI writer Tools

Number 1 Overall: Jasper AI

The ability for Jasper AI to deliver relevant content that almost always stays on topic as well as its Boss Mode capabilities makes it one of the best AI writing tools out there today. The sheer number of templates, recipes, a Chrome Extension and quite recently, the ability to create AI art, is enough to make this the best AI writer available today.

Most Affordable: Rytr

This AI writing tool is a great choice for those who want to quickly generate quality content for those on a tight budget. It has a variety of features that can help you create better blogs, articles, emails, letters and even fictional stories.

Best For Bloggers: WriterZen

Although WriterZen targets specifically blog writers, the tool does a great job in helping new bloggers get off the ground and start generating traffic from day one. The tool combines keyword research to help find no to low competition keywords to target and then helps you generate high quality and relevant writing that will get noticed by Google. In other words, greatly increase your chance of getting ranked. The quality of output is great too!

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Let’s now go through each AI writing software ranked in no particular order.

#1: Jasper AI

Jasper AI is a complete all-in-one AI writing assistant that can help you write high quality content quickly and efficiently almost anywhere online.

The AI writing tool aims to help writers overcome writer’s block and is used for a number of content creation use cases such as blog articles (including long form blog posts), product descriptions, digital ads, and so on.

It is the best AI writer on the market today due to the number of features it has in comparison to it’s competitors, their active community and great support.

They have a large team and the business was recently valuated above $1 billion making it a unicorn company. No other AI writing company has achieved this as far as I’m aware.


  • Commands: Allows you to tell Jasper AI what to write about as if you are talking to your own personal writing assistant. You simple say commands like “write a blog outline” or “write 5 tips to lose weight” and it will do the writing for you. Jasper commands are only available on the Boss Mode plan.
  • Recipes: Pre-written workflows of specifict types of content. For example, if you’re a blog writer, you know how time consuming and draining it is to think of the structure and outline of your blog post just so that it flows better and keeps your readers engaged. You would need at minimum, an introduction, a few sections and a conclusion. Recipes help to define those sections as templates and also has commands within those templates so that it frees up your time and allows you to think more about the content than about the technicalities of the blog post.
  • Templates: Generates content for specific types of content such as a blog article, ad copy, emails, social media posts, etc. You would need to select a template, fill out a few basic details and the template will handle the rest for generating the content based on your input.
  • Support for multiple languages: Jasper AI can write content in over 25+ languages. This allows you to generate or repurpose your existing content to other languages and gain exposure to an even larger audience.

The Good

  • Stays on point: The tool can read upto 3000 words before the cursor to get more context and understand what your content is about. This helps the writing stay on point and not lose focus which is a common issue with GPT-3 technology.
  • Great for generating content ideas: helps cure writer’s block by helping you come up with new ideas for writing.
  • It’s feature packed: There are a huge number of templates available and recipes for writing content super fast. If you don’t like the available recipe, you can search for recipes in the community or even come up with your own recipe that you can reuse. The tool can help you create content for almost anything you can think of. Whether that be short form content (like social media posts, product descriptions, landing pages or Google ads) or long form content like blogs.
  • Boss Mode almost helps replace human writers due to the ability to give commands.
  • SurferSEO integration: helps you generate higher rankings and get more traffic for the articles you create. SurferSEO also takes into account the newer algorithm changes ofGoogle and other similar search engines (such as incorporating natural language processing keywords) so that you don’t have to worry about it and can focus on content creation. SurferSEO is a separate subscription but integrates seamlessly with Jasper AI.
  • Chrome extension: allows you to generate content almost anywhere there is a place to enter text. In other words, you can now create articles with the help of Jasper AI in WordPress. The Chrome extension is also handy when you want to craft your resignation email in Gmail or when you need a quick and witty comeback against a troll on Discord or other online chat platforms.
  • Active community: There is a large and thriving community on Facebook Groups where you can speak to likeminded Jasper writers.
  • Active team: The team are constantly rolling out new features and they consistently post new content on their YouTube channel to help out us mortal human writers.
  • Newly released Jasper Art now allows bloggers to generate unique and copyright-free images for their blogs.
  • There is a free trial for either 5 days or upto 10,000 words (whichever comes first).

The Bad

  • So many features can overwhelm newer users: It’s not as intuitive to use at first glance. There is a Jasper bootcamp which is recommended for newer users to complete before using Jasper AI. There’s also loads of tutorial videos on their YouTube channel.
  • Can be expensive: The cheapest Boss Mode plan starts at $49 per month. This is the price to pay for a high quality AI writing assistant.
  • You still need to fact check: The AI doesn’t allows allows produce content that is factually correct. You still need to guide the writer and check everything is correct as it generates content.


Definitely would recommend Jasper AI if you are a serious about speeding up content generation. This is one AI writing assistant that can really speed up your content creation and production process.

I use Jasper AI and SurferSEO together to quickly generate high quality content that has a good chance to rank. I find that these 2 AI writing assistants combined make a very powerful combo and gives you a headstart on content ideas and content writing.

Jasper AI is the best AI writing tool currently available on the market today by a long distance.

I wouldn’t recommend Jasper to hobbyists or if you only tend to need an AI writing assistant on the odd occasion purely because of how expensive it is.

Check out my full detailed review of Jasper AI to decide if it is really worth investing for your scenario.

#2: WriteSonic

WriteSonic is another AI writing assistant aimed at making the writing process as easy as possible for content writers. The tool can be used to help write content for blogs, social media, ad copy and a whole host of other use cases.


  • AI writer that helps generate 1500 word content really quickly. Great for any kind of long form content.
  • Paraphrasing tool to help generate unique content.
  • Expander to help expand on existing content.
  • Summarizer tool which helps provide a brief summary of a long piece of content.
  • Product Description tool to help generate high converting copy for any product you want to promote or sell.

The Good

  • Has a lot of helpful tools that rivals that of Jasper.
  • Works with multiple languages.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Loads of documentation and tutorials.
  • Comes with a free trial.

The Bad

  • Free version is very limited.
  • Generated content might not always be on point and would need additional proofreading and editing.
  • Lack of SEO features built in.
  • A little expensive like Jasper.


WriteSonic is a powerful AI writing tool to help content writers produce content really quickly. It is one of the best AI writing software available on the market today.

It’s not as feature-packed or as powerful as Jasper in my opinion. However, it does come in a pretty close second.

#3: WordHero

WordHero is another AI writing software that helps with writing blog posts, landing page copy, emails, ad copy, etc.

The main difference is that WordHero is a cheaper alternative to most of the AI writing tools listed on this post.


  • Short form editor: templates to help you create short form content for a variety of use cases such as product descriptions.
  • Long form editor: Recently added new feature to help you write content for blogs.

The Good

  • Simple AI writing tool without the clunky bells and whistles.
  • Can control the writing to use specific keywords of your own choosing.
  • Really intuitive user interface.
  • Inexpensive compared to other AI writing software on the market. Their best offer is $348 for a 1 year subscription and allows you to generate unlimited content with unlimited credits.

The Bad

  • Lack of features when compared to other AI writing tools like Jasper and WriteSonic.
  • The short form editor is quite limited in what you can do with it.
  • The long form editor is a recent addition and it remains to be seen how good it actually is.
  • Quality of output not as great as Jasper, at least for short form content.


WordHero is a decent AI writing software that is worth considering if you are on a tight budget and want to generate content for a number of different use cases. It doesn’t have all the features of the more expensive AI writing tools but it gets the job done and does save you time on content generation as well as eliminating writer’s block.

I use WordHero myself and mainly use it for short form content (like social media posts or product descriptions) or for writing specific paragraphs of a blog where I need certain keywords (which is a feature of WordHero). I believe Jasper has a similar feature too but I’ve found that it doesn’t always work as well as I expect.

I would only recommend WordHero if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the other AI writing tools on this list and your main focus is on writing articles.

Check out my full WordHero review here.

#4: Rytr

Rytr is an AI writing software that helps with a variety of writing tasks such as content generation, paraphrasing, and summarization.

It is probably the most affordable AI writing tool on this list starting at $9 per month for the basic plan.


  • Content generation: Helps you with AI generated content for blogs, social media posts, etc.
  • Paraphrasing: Helps you rewrite existing content to make it unique.
  • Summarization: Helps you create a summary of an existing piece of content.

The Good

  • Inexpensive starting at $9 per month for the basic plan.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Generated content is usually of good quality and doesn’t require much editing.

The Bad

  • Limited features when compared to other AI writing tools like Jasper.
  • Generated content is not always 100% unique and might need to be run through a plagiarism checker.


Rytr is a decent AI writing tool that is worth considering if you are on a tight budget. It doesn’t have all the features of the more expensive AI writing tools but it gets the job done and does save you time on content generation as well as paraphrasing and summarizing existing content.

I would only recommend Rytr if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the other AI writing tools on this list.

#5: Article Forge

Article Forge is an AI writing software that can assist in the creation of a 1500+ word SEO-optimized blog post in a single click.

It is an amazing AI writing tool for those looking to quickly generate a large number of articles for a new blog. There are some blogs out there that rely heavily on Article Forge for most of their content creation.


  • Generates 1500+ word articles in a single click.
  • Supports a wide range of niches and topics.
  • The generated content is SEO-optimized.

The Good

  • Incredibly fast article generation.
  • Allows bulk generation of articles.
  • SEO-optimized content.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Automatically posts to WordPress.

The Bad

  • Only works well with broad and general topics.
  • The content is not always 100% unique and might need to be run through a plagiarism checker.


Article Forge is a great AI writer if you are a new blogger and need a lot of content on our blog quickly. The generated content is usually of good quality and is relatively SEO-optimized which will save you a lot of time.

I would only recommend Article Forge if you are looking to bulk create content quickly. It works well if you are writing about broad topics. It doesn’t work so well if you are writing about something really specific. To assist with this, you would need to use one of the other AI writing software tools on this list.

Since it spits out an entire article in one click, this is great for bloggers or affiliate marketers who are short on time an want to greatly speed up the writing process.

Article Forge is a popular tool used by newer bloggers.

#6: CopyAI

Copy.AI is an AI writer tool aimed at blog writers, social media managers and email marketers.

It works by providing the AI software with some context and then reviewing the multiple outputs of the generated AI copywriting.


  • Over 90+ templates for various writing use cases such as cold emails, follow up emails, real estate listings to name a few.
  • Learning resources via their blog, community and their weekly live demos.
  • Support for over 25+ languages if you are on the Pro plan.
  • Unlimited projects.
  • Includes a 7 day free trial of the Pro plan.

The Good

  • Great for short form content.
  • A lot of unique templates that isn’t available in other AI content generators, such as real estate listings, email follow ups, resignation letters and thank you notes to name a few.
  • There is a free plan for 2000 words per month.

The Bad

  • More expensive starting at $49 per month for the Pro plan.
  • Output is generally not as great for long form content when compared to Jasper.
  • Not much SEO features.


CopyAI is best suited for short form type of content or if you need specific types of content that is not really available in other AI writing tools. For instance, the output of the resignation letter template produced writing much better (and kinder) than what I would have written on my own.

If you are a blogger or a more serious full-time writer, Copy.AI may not be a good fit compared to the other premium AI tools available on the market (like Jasper AI).

Copy.AI is a popular tool used by a lot of content marketers to create high quality content.

#7: Anyword

Anyword is an AI writing assistant aimed at helping get the copywriter more conversions and sales.

Based on the user’s input, it will provide a predictive performance score which helps find the ideal audience that is likely to engage with the written content.


  • Has many different AI tools to support different use cases such as blog posts, Facebook posts, Instagram captions, ad copy, emails, etc.
  • Claims to be the 1st AI writing tool to offer a predictive performance score to find highly targeted audiences that are likely to convert.
  • Has an API which is useful if you are a developer.

The Good

  • The predictive performance score feature can be really useful for marketers and agency owners to hone in on their target audience and get more sales.
  • The writing output is geared mostly to help you sell a product and aims to be high converting.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Offers a free trial.

The Bad

  • It’s not a tool for bloggers. Your money is better spent on a tool like Jasper or WordHero if you want to focus on creating content for blogging.
  • It is expensive. Plans start from $99 per month. This is mainly due to all the data analysis work.


Anyword is a great AI tool if you are looking to improve your conversion rate or sales with your written content.

Anyword is best for digital/affiliate marketers as well as eCommerce and product owners.

Anyword is not so great for bloggers as there isn’t really any SEO features built in.

#8: Frase

Frase is an AI writing tool aimed at SEO content creation. It helps to research, write and optimize for high quality SEO.

Frase is mainly targeted towards blog writers who want to grow their traffic organically on search engines via SEO while saving time.


  • A content brief builder which helps to plan the article and provides topics and questions to focus on.
  • Provides an SEO score for each section of the article which is a great way to measure if you are on track with your optimization goals.
  • Integrates with Google Search Console to find out new opportunities that you stand a chance to rank for as well as rankings you’ve lost.
  • Pricing starts from $14.99 per month for the Solo plan which includes 4 articles per month and 20,000 AI characters. There is a Pro Add-On for an extra $35 per month that allows unlimited credits as well as premium SEO features like keyword volume and SERP data analysis.

The Good

  • Lots of SEO tools to help increase your chance of being ranked on multiple search engines.
  • A great AI tool for bloggers who want to focus on SEO and organic traffic growth. Especially if you purchase the Pro Add-On plan, you can access quick wins for topics to write about that can help you rank.
  • Offers a content brief builder which is helpful to craft a quality blog post that Google will actually love and help you rank faster.
  • Supports multiple languages.

The Bad

  • 20,000 AI characters is not nearly enough if you plan on writing a lot of blog posts each month. You are almost forced to get the Pro Add-On which then makes the price a little expensive.
  • Only targets blog writers. Not so great with other writing use cases.


Frase is a great AI tool for bloggers or writers who want to focus on SEO and growing their organic traffic.

Writing an article with SEO in mind can take hours, if not days. Frase helps to minimize a lot of that time and help to generate high quality blog articles within minutes.

#9: Bramework

Bramework is both an AI writer and SEO research tool.

The tool is mainly targeted towards bloggers who want to write long form blog posts really fast and that has a good chance of ranking high.


  • AI content generator tool that helps produce unique content based on user input.
  • Keyword research features to analyse competition, determine keyword volume, recommended keywords, and the likelihood of ranking on the 1st page of Google.
  • Image finder tool that automatically finds featured and body images for you through royalty-free image sites. It also automatically sets Alt Text for you which helps boost SEO for blog posts.
  • Has AI tools like in most of the other automated article writing software like rewriter, summarizer, steps generator and listicle generator.
  • WordPress integration.

The Good

  • Keyword research features powered by SemRush (which by itself is a really powerful SEO keyword research tool). It’s rare that AI writing tools (including Jasper) have keyword research features built in as well. This is great for new bloggers.
  • Image finder tool really helps save a lot of time. Scouring the web for images for a single blog post can be really time consuming. This is a massive time saver and I haven’t really seen any other AI writer include an image finder.
  • The AI writer is powered by the latest GPT-3 and uses natural language processing (NLP) to generate high quality and natural output.

The Bad

  • A little expensive. The Starter plan is $42 per month for 100,000 words.
  • Generated output is not as great compared to Jasper or WordHero.
  • You may need to tweak your inputs and/or make multiple modifications in order to get the output you desire.
  • The tool is aimed at bloggers mainly (which is a good thing if you are a blogger).


Bramework is one of the newer AI writing software on the market. And it’s quickly gaining popularity for a number of reasons: first, because of its keyword research functionality, and second, because it integrates well with WordPress.

What I like most about Bramework is that it offers a really great keyword research tool. This is something that a lot of other AI writing tools lack. It integrates with Semrush which is a powerful and popular SEO keyword research tool. It’s a crucial element if you want to optimize your blog posts for Google rankings.

I also like the fact that it includes an image finder to help you quickly find relevant images from copyright-free sites and then add alt text tags to them. This saves a lot of time when writing and publishing blog posts.

The tool is not recommended for anyone who writes content other than blogs (such as social media content creators, digital marketing agency owners, book writers, etc). They even explicitly state this on their site.

Bramework offers a 7-day free trial so you can see if it would be a good fit for your blogging purposes.

#10: AI-writer

AI-writer is another AI writing tool mainly targeted towards bloggers with a focus on high-quality and well-researched SEO content.

The Basic plan starts at $29 per month and allows you to generate upto 40 articles per month.


  • Research and write: generates a unique article draft from a headline.
  • Rewording: re-writes a specific piece of content so that the meaning will still remain the same but the writing will be unique.
  • Verifiable citations: generates content that is accurate and includes citations which you can always control.
  • SEO tools: find the right keywords to use that will help Google rank the article.
  • Subtopic discovery: find the next topic to write about by checking what other competitor’s are writing about.
  • Summarizer: summarizes and generates a full overview of the top 20 search results from Google to assist with researching much quicker.

The Good

  • Focuses on high quality research which can help build authority quicker for newer bloggers. Not a lot of AI writers on the market has research tools included.
  • It researches and writes an entire draft article in under 2 minutes. Massive timesaver.
  • Fair pricing with the Basic Plan starting at $29 per month.

The Bad

  • Tends to return high plagiarism warnings. Will still need the user to check and add their own touch to the generated articles.
  • Longer articles tend to sound robotic and will also need the user to check through and make tweaks.


AI writer is a good tool if you are a blogger looking to generate articles consistently every day. The ability for the tool to research and write article in just a few seconds makes this possible since it cuts down the time to research, draft outlines, write, cite, edit and proofread.

I would recommend this tool for newer bloggers who want a lot of foundational blog content on their site. Once you have about 60 or so articles, it may be better to start writing your own articles with the help of an AI writing assistant like Jasper or WriteSonic.

Would not recommend this tool to any other content writer outside of bloggers.

#11: Ocoya

Ocoya is a newer AI tool on the market with more of a focus on scheduling and auto-generating multiple types of content for various social media platforms.

They have a suit of tools. Their in-built tool, Travis AI, handles the AI writing.


  • Travis AI: works by providing a basic description and then letting Travis AI write unique content for you.
  • GodMode: works similar to Jasper’s Boss Mode. You command Travis AI to write the way you want to, almost like directing your own personal writing assistant.
  • Integrates with multiple social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok (coming soon) and Pinterest (coming soon) so that you can auto-schedule and post content directly to some or all of your social media accounts.
  • Integrates with tools like Canva to help you auto-generate content other than writing.

The Good

  • Great for writing content for social media accounts. If you manage multiple social media accounts, you know how time consuming and tedious it can be to maintain. Ocoya can help save you a lot of time.
  • Auto-scheduling features helps you stay active by consistently posting content to your followers. This is great for organic growth and traffic. You can schedule months or even years of content.
  • They are about to release Ocoya V3.0 which promises even more powerful features.
  • GodMode (which is similar to Jasper’s Boss Mode) helps give you more control over the writing.
  • Large and active FB community where you can talk directly with the devs and see all the latest updates.

The Bad

  • Still a newer tool and may experiene occasional bugs and downtime.
  • Sometimes the scheduling fails. Hopefully, this should be resolved in V3.0.
  • The interface can be slow at times. I hear this will be resolved in V3.0.


Ocoya is a great tool for managing multiple social media accounts. If you are a content creator that is looking to create more of a hands-off system, Ocoya can help you.

I recommend this tool to social media managers, agency owners, entrepreneurs, and influencers that manage their own social media accounts. This tool can help you save a ton of time.

I would not recommend this tool to content writers that do not manage social media accounts (such as bloggers). If that is not a part of your job, then there are other AI writing tools out there that may be a better fit for you.

There may be some frustrations working with the tool, but it is still a newer tool that is getting better every day with a great development team.

I’m sure the tool will become more stable and grow to become one of the best AI tools over time.

I’m following keenly to see how this tool grows in the future. One of the features I’m looking out for is the Pinterest integration.

#12: Copymatic

Copymatic is an AI writer aimed at helping all kinds of writers quickly generate content for their various use cases.

Plans start at $6 per month for 15,000 words.


  • The article writer is powered by GPT-3 which provides natural sounding output.
  • Can adjust creativity level or tone of voice as per your business needs.
  • Writes with conversions in mind.
  • Over 50+ content writing tools available.
  • Grammar checker to help quickly resolve grammar mistakes.
  • Sentence rewriter to generate unique sentences and avoid penalties.

The Good

  • With over 50+ content writing tools, you’ll have almost any writing use case covered.
  • Perhaps the most affordable AI writing assistant software on the market.
  • Really user-friendly. No need to spend much time on tutorials.
  • Generates 5-7 variants per content generation so you have a better chance of finding that right wording.

The Bad

  • Doesn’t really offer anything new and is similar to other AI writing assistants on the market.
  • Generated copy can be a bit bland and generic. May need tweaking to make it sound interesting.
  • Doesn’t have advanced features like you would find in some of the other AI writing software on this list.


If you are on a budget and are looking for a really user-friendly tool, Copymatic may be a good option for you. However, if you are looking for something with more advanced features, you may want to consider one of the other options on this list.

I would not recommend this tool to serious content writers.

#13: Ink

Ink is an AI writing software aimed at helping bloggers looking to rank on Google and other search engines via SEO. It promises to be the only AI writer that generates content to outrank competitors.

Let’s take a closer look at some of its features.


  • Long form content editor: a Google Docs style editor for content creation, checking plagiarism and checking for grammar mistakes.
  • 130+ writing templates: create content for almost anything you can think of such as emails, social media content, letters, etc.
  • Image generator: generates AI images based on a prompt.
  • SEO Optimizer: scoring system to help you rank on the first page of Google. Only available on the Pro Plan.
  • Content Planner: Uses a list of keywords to generate keyword clustering. Only available on the Pro Plan.
  • INK SEO Rocket: Online course which shows how founders used the tool to gain 1,000,000 page views after 6 months of the launch of their new blogging website.

The Good

  • The tool promises that content is 4.5x more likely to rank on page 1 of Google if optimized with their SEO Optimizer tool. Whether it actually does this, I’m not too sure yet. I will update this post later with my own results.
  • Gamified encouragement as you try to get your SEO score high while generating and writing content.
  • Improves existing articles.
  • Great for bloggers looking to dominate authority in their niche as quick as possible.

The Bad

  • The site and tool seems a little “markety”. It feels like they want to keep selling something all the time instead of focusing on the product at hand. Another tool I’m using (Groovefunnels) also has this issue.
  • A lot of promises which could be misleading.
  • Output not known to be as good as Jasper but it does have more of an SEO focus.


If you are a blogger, give the tool a try and see if the workflow helps to improve your writing process.

At first glance, I honestly think this tool has good potential to be one of the best AI writers on the market. I will need to give this tool a proper go and update on this later.

#14: PepperType

PepperType is an AI writing assistant which helps writers generate content for long form blog posts, emails, landing pages and ads.


  • Over 40+ templates.
  • Unlimited projects.
  • Active customer support.
  • Supports 25+ languages.

The Good

  • A lot of templates to play with.
  • Quality of output of the AI generated content is quite good.
  • Easy to use, especially if you’ve used other AI writers.
  • Affordable with pricing starting at $25 per month for 50,000 words.

The Bad

  • Doesn’t offer anything special compared to other AI writers
  • Limited functionality
  • Not easy to edit content after generating


This AI software doesn’t offer anything new or special like you would find in other AI writing software. It does the job well, but you would be better off with a more established tool.

#15: Articoolo

Articoolo is an AI writing software helps you come up with article ideas and helps write articles quickly.


  • Generate articles from a user description
  • Summarize articles
  • Rewrite articles
  • Find images
  • WordPress plugin
  • API

The Good

  • WordPress plugin which can save a lot of time writing and editing blog posts.
  • API can be great if you are a developer looking to build tools for automation.

The Bad

  • Doesn’t really offer anything special like you would find in other tools.
  • Their site seems to have a lot of links that are broken. If you click some links on their homepage, you would get redirected to a 404-error page.


I wouldn’t really recommend Articoolo.

#16: Scalenut

Scalenut is a platform that helps produce content faster, from brainstorming ideas, to creating content. The AI writing software component comes with a number of key features to help bloggers.

It is mainly used by bloggers to speed up the publishing of blog posts but it can be used for other use cases as well.


  • Content suggestions: get ideas for what to write about next.
  • Topic clusters: to help with content planning and to find relevant topic ideas and keywords to target.
  • Article analysis: analyze your article as you write and get a score on how well it does.
  • SEO research: research keywords to help optimize your article for better ranking.
  • Chrome extension: the ability to create content anywhere on the internet where there is a text field.

The Good

  • It’s feature packed for blog writers. It has almost everything you need to write content that ranks on Google.
  • Chrome extension is useful for content generation anywhere, including directly in WordPress.
  • There is also a dedicated WordPress publisher integration available.
  • Keyword research and topic cluster tools are powered by Semrush, which itself is a well-known and powerful keyword research tool.

The Bad

  • It’s mainly for bloggers. There’s not much templates available and it seems to be more heavy on blogging tools. This is not so much a bad thing if you are a blogger.
  • Can sometimes generate repetitive content.
  • Not much training material.


This tool is really promising if you are a blogger. It has so many cool features to help speed up your blogging time.

Would definitely recommend you give it a try and see if it’s the right fit for you.

I wouldn’t recommend it if you need content outside of blog posts though.

#17: Quillbot

Quillbot is an AI-powered paraphrasing tool, and also has functionality for paraphrasing, summarizing, grammar checking and plagiarism checking.

It’s one of the most popular AI tools available today.


  • Paraphraser: rewrites some input text and gives you control in terms of the tone of voice (namely standard, fluent, formal, simple, creative, expand and shorten).
  • Grammar Checker: analyzes and corrects grammar for any written text (including if the text is in German). It can also understand the different English dialects from US, UK, Canada and Australia.
  • Plagiarism Checker: examines input text to see if the same content can be found elsewhere on the internet, in books, academic and research papers, or on news websites.
  • Summarizer: takes a large chunk of text and summarizes the content into small paragraphs.

The Good

  • The free version has a lot of features you can try out without needing to even register an account (The free version does come with some restrictions and limits though).
  • Quillbot Premium is only $8.33 per month if you go on the Annual plan.
  • Suits almost all types of writing.
  • Comes with Chrome Extension which allows you to use the writing bot anywhere there is a text field.
  • Comes with Word Extension so that you can use the bot to help you write anything when working with Word documents.
  • Quillbot Premium is lightweight and super fast.

The Bad

  • Doesn’t come with the advanced bells and whistles you would find in higher end AI content writing software.
  • When your documents start to go beyond 4000 words or so, it starts to bog down a bit and freeze.


I use Quillbot myself. I tend to use it as a supplement to Jasper AI. Sometimes you get some really nice output from Quillbot. I mainly use Quillbot for grammar checking and plagiarism checking and found that it works really well.

Quillbot is not really much of an AI writing software, but it is one of the best AI writing assistants. It’s mainly used for imporoving existing content rather than for content generation.

I also tend to use Quillbot for other types of writing other than articles.

#18: CopySmith

CopySmith is an AI writer with more of a focus on AI copywriting. It is aimed at enterprises, eCommerce and agencies mainly.

It comes with a 7 day unlimited free trial.


  • Free form smart editor allows you to create long form blog posts.
  • Built-in plagiarism checker.
  • Integrates with many tools like Shopify, WooCommerce and even Frase (another AI tool on this list!) to create content for those platforms.
  • Collaboration features to collaborate with other team members.
  • Bulk content generator which can quickly generate hundreds of social media captions in one go.

The Good

  • Collaboration features which other AI writers don’t have.
  • Has its own plagiarism checker built-in.
  • Great for scaling content quickly.

The Bad

  • Mainly for larger businesses like agencies, marketing teams and eCommerce teams. Doesn’t really target entrepreneurs or solopreneurs.
  • Accuracy and truthfulness of generated output can be a concern.
  • Not really for bloggers as it lacks SEO features.


CopySmith should only be used if you have a larger team and your business is more geared to selling a product(s) or service(s). It’s not really aimed at freelance bloggers.

#19: Wordtune

Wordtune is a AI writing tool that can help you make your writing better. It can help you fix your grammar, spelling, and make your writing easier to understand. There are different plans for different people.


  • Rewriter: rewrites sentences in many different ways.
  • Casual/Formal Tone: you can change the tone of the writing from casual to formal as needed per the requirements of your writing.
  • Shorten/Expand: shortens or expands the input sentence.
  • Paragraph Rewriter: rewrites entire paragraphs.
  • Premium support: available on the higher plans

The Good

  • Really easy to use and no need for tutorials.
  • The rewriting capabilities are great.
  • A free plan available and you can also test without needing to register.
  • Has a Chrome Extension available.

The Bad

  • Not available on mobile.
  • Doesn’t have advanced features you would find in other AI writers.
  • Doesn’t really suit long form content.


Wordtune is a handy tool to have if you are a writer. It can help if you’re having writer’s block or can’t think of the correct word to convey your message and need a little helper by your side.

It’s not really useful if you plan on using it to speed up long form content production though. There are better AI tools on this list that are more suited for that.

#20: ClosersCopy

ClosersCopy is a tool that leverages AI and helps you write sales letters, ads, blogs and other marketing materials. It has templates that make it easy to create quality copy for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other social media networks.


  • 700+ templates/frameworks to choose from to cover almost any writing scenario.
  • Long form editor.
  • SEO planner and tool.
  • Support for over 100+ languages
  • Facebook community to reach out for support.

The Good

  • Claims not to use GPT-3 technology which most other AI tools rely on. This may be a good or bad thing. At least it separates this tool from the rest.
  • A lot of templates to play with.
  • Small but thriving Facebook community.
  • SEO tools can help you rank, and have a similar look and functionality to SurferSEO in Jasper AI.
  • You can instruct the bot to write via commands, similar like in Jasper AI.
  • Founder is a copywriter himself and can use that expertise to make the tool even better potentially.

The Bad

  • Generated content can sometimes be unreliable.
  • UI is not as user-friendly.
  • Tool comes across as a bit “market-y”.
  • Expensive.


This tool would mostly appeal copywriters looking for AI copywriting software who need copy for their landing pages or to generate content ideas and eliminate writer’s block.

Honestly, I feel your money would be better spent on another AI writing tool.

#21: Creaitor AI

Creaitor AI is a newer AI writing tool that was developed with the aim of simplifying content marketing.

If you’ve used other popular AI content writers before, you will find it familiar and easy to get going with it.


  • AI assistants: over 30 assistants available to help with a specific type of writing.
  • Multiple user logins: great for team collaboration if you have a larger team of writers.
  • Multilingual translations: can translate to over 30 different languages.

The Good

  • Saves time automating the content creation process.
  • Improves writing quality with it’s proofreading functionality.
  • User-friendly.

The Bad

  • It’s still new software with limited features.
  • No SEO tool available.


Creaitor AI is a decent tool to use if you are on a more limited budget. I would still recommend other AI writing software over Creaitor AI though.

Check out this comparison between Creaitor AI and Jasper AI to see which one would fit your own use case better.

#22: Wordplay AI

Wordplay AI provides the ability to bulk generate 2000+ word articles at the click of a button, thereby speeding up the writing process for those who don’t have much time to work on their blog.


  • 1-click blog article.
  • Bulk article creation via CSV upload allows you to create multiple articles at the click of a button.
  • WordPress plugin
  • FAQ question and answer generator to increase chances of landing in Google’s featured snippets.

The Good

  • Create articles at the click of a button.
  • A lot of top digital marketers keep stressing the importance of always producing lots of content everyday in order to stand out from the noise. Wordplay allows you to bulk generates lots of content in a short amount of time.
  • Does a pretty good job staying on topic (considering the topic is broad).
  • Simple UI and easy to use.
  • Generates 2000+ word articles, which is around the ideal length for ranking on Google.
  • WordPress plugin helps to save even more time.
  • Free version comes with 5000 words, which is enough for 2 long blog article content.

The Bad

  • Writing lacks that personal touch. The tool focuses on 1-click generation of articles. If you want the perfect blog post written in your own style, this is not the perfect fit. You would still need to go through and make your own modifications manually in order to make it sound like you.
  • Lack of control. You can’t really control tone, style, length, etc since it focuses on quickly generating articles.
  • Lack of features. You won’t really find advanced features like you would find in more established tools like Jasper AI. For instance, there is no built-in SEO tools or the ability to change languages.
  • Not best for short form content like product descriptions.


Wordplay is mainly suited to bloggers. I would caution using a tool like this though. Google penalizes sites that provide solely AI generated content.

Whether Google is able to tell Wordplay generated articles are AI, I’m not too sure to be honest.

I would recommend Wordplay if you are looking to experiment with a brand new blog and on a brand new niche for instance.

You could use the generator to bulk create lots of content and analyze which posts get the most traffic from Google. You can then use that as a springboard to focus your content production around that topic and use the more advanced AI writing tools to hone in and become an expert on that topic.

#23: Mentum.AI

Mentum.AI is a new AI article writer released a few months ago. Considering that Mentum.ai is new to the AI content writing market, it’s not surprising that their focus is on giving you access to the best short-form content available. Using a combination of their own machine learning models with GTP-3, they help writers create click-worthy content.


  • Paraphrase text.
  • Shorten and extend text.
  • Summarize text.
  • FAQ question and answer generator to increase chances of being featured on Google’s featured snippets.

The Good

  • Best for short form content like social media posts and product descriptions for an eCommerce store.
  • Easy to use.
  • Multiple templates available for various writing use cases like blogs or digital marketing copy.

The Bad

  • Only one variation of generated output.
  • Slower in comparison to the average AI writing tool to generate long form content.
  • Doesn’t really stay on topic for long form content.


Mentum is a newer player on the market and lacks of a lot of features like you would find in the more established AI writing software tools.

It also doesn’t offer anything new in terms of features.

It’s also slower in comparison to the other content generator tools when it comes to writing long form articles.

The tool is better suited to anyone who needs a simple content generator for short form type of content.

#24: WriterZen

WriterZen‘s AI-based SEO content tool will assist you in creating content that is interesting, high quality, and designed to rank better on search engines.

It combines both keyword research and AI writing functionality in the one tool.


  • Topic Discovery: helps you find clusters of related topics to write about so that if you cover most of the topics, Google will see you as an authority of that topic and likely to rank you higher.
  • Content Creator: the main writing editor where you will generate AI content. The editor also includes SEO tools to help in terms of what keywords to target and how frequently they should be used.
  • Keyword Explorer: helps you find keywords with keyword volume and competition so that you can target the easy to rank keywords when starting out. The tool also has a Golden Score filter which cuts through all that statistics noise and gives you an overall score of how easy it is to get ranked for specific keywords.
  • Plagiarism Checker: analyzes your content and see if any significant portion of that content exists anywhere else on the internet. Google heavily penalizes sites that have plagiarised content so it’s very handy to have a plagiarism checker built into the editor.
  • Keyword Importer: allows you to import keywords from other tools like Ahrefs to help you further analyze those keyword opportunities.

The Good

  • Great for bloggers as it has some solid SEO tools combined with AI writing functionality.
  • Golden Score filter makes it easy for newer bloggers to find easy keywords to target.
  • SEO features similar to what you would find in SurferSEO.
  • Affordable. You get a lot of credits to use for a lower price.
  • Easy to use interface.

The Bad

  • Keyword research tool not as advanced as Ahrefs or Semrush. For instance, no competitor analysis and no backlink reports.
  • Generated content not as great as Jasper AI, WriteSonic or WordHero.
  • Plagiarism checker not really the best.


WriterZen is heavily targeted towards those who are looking to improve their SEO or just getting started on their SEO journey. It aims to provide a quick strategy to plan out content for a new site and then use the AI writer to quickly generate relevant content.

It isn’t as advanced as other tools, but it does provide the edge in terms of helping new bloggers start to get traction in terms of traffic to their website.

WriterZen is definitely worth checking out and I would say it is one of the best AI writing tools on the market today.

#25: Katteb

Katteb AI is one of the newer AI content writing tools that aims to make it fast and easy in terms of content creation for blogs and online stores.

Even though it is a newer tool, it is currently used by over 70,000+ people.


  • World’s first fact-checked AI writer.
  • Can generate an entire article in one click.
  • Text paraphraser does more than just replace words with synonyms.
  • Auto fills in relevant images.
  • Article rewriter can rewrite a unique article by sending a URL of any website.
  • Can generate original song lyrics from a song idea.

The Good

  • The main problems with a lot of AI writing software is that they tend to generate inaccurate output that always need to be fact-checked. Katteb promises to be different though and actually fact checks everything to be true.
  • Great for idea generation or content planning and can eliminate writer’s block.
  • The paraphraser tool does a good job of rewriting sentences without simply replacing words with synonyms. It still retains the same meaning. This allows the tool to focus on writing that connects with the target audience.
  • It can rewrite an entire article by sending an input URL. This can help you generate a lot of relevant articles quickly.
  • Unlimited checking of grammar and plagiarism which is unheard of in other AI writing software.
  • Affordable pricing.

The Bad

  • Keeps generating repetitive content.
  • Long form editor can sometimes be a little buggy. Support is active and they do iron out these issues pretty quickly.
  • UI doesn’t look great. It feels a bit clunky. Hopefully that would be resolved pretty soon as well.


Definitely give Katteb a try.

They do offer a 2000 word free trial. I would recommend to try it out to see if the quality is what you expect and it makes your workflow smoother.

I feel it’s too early to comment on the quality but a lot of people online swear that it produces better quality than Jasper AI! I will update this post later once I’ve thoroughly reviewed Katteb.

One of the key features of Katteb is that it not only uses the latest artificial intelligence technology, but also produces writing with the target audience in mind.


There are many AI writing software tools on the market, each with its own unique features. Some are good for generating high-quality and engaging content, while others are better suited to helping you improve your SEO.

Most of these tools leverage on the latest artificial intelligence technology called “GPT-3” technology as well as natural language processing algorithms to generate natural sounding writing.

Personally, I use Jasper AI a lot as it has everything you need in an AI writing software.

It can be difficult to decide which tool is right for your own use case, but we hope that this roundup has given you a good starting point.